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Will Ohio Legalize Recreational And Medical Marijuana In 2015?


ohio marijuana medical marijuana legalizationThere are numerous states planning a 2016 marijuana legalization effort. There are also a few states targeting a 2015 effort via their State Legislatures. But there is one state that has it’s sights set on an initiative during the 2015 Election, and it’s not a state that most expected to see put forth such an effort. The State of Ohio is seeing marijuana activists organize for a 2015 effort, per Cleveland.Com:

A campaign to legalize the medical and recreational use of marijuana in Ohio is quietly taking shape and includes plans to place an amendment to the Ohio Constitution before voters in November 2015, the Northeast Ohio Media Group has learned.

The campaign plans to push an amendment, that if approved by voters, would guarantee a ten or so property owners the right to grow marijuana, according to sources who spoke on the condition they not be named.

By embedding in the constitution where marijuana can be produced – and essentially who can profit from its production – organizers are using an approach similar to the one gambling interests used in their 2009 successful campaign to  allow casino-style gaming. That amendment, known on the ballot as Issue 3, limited gaming to just four locations in Ohio.

There are actually two separate campaigns pursuing reform. Ohio Rights Group is pursuing the medical marijuana effort, and Responsible Ohio is leading the recreational effort. Both efforts must gather nearly 400,000 valid signatures to put either issue before Ohio voters, which is no small task in such a short time frame. But, with that being said, I hope they both succeed.


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  1. You are allowed 2 plants per person and you have to buy those plants who will control the price from the cartel. This bill will do to pot what BIG PHARMA does to the cost of all pharmaceuticals. A different initiative would not be so restrictive.

  2. You sure won’t be able to afford to start an operation under this bill, but you would if we had people petitioning a Statewide referendum that promoted free-enterprise instead of a rich man’s cartel that plans to control production, distribution, prices and everything else. Cannabis grows all over Ohio already without any bit of sophistication. The greenhouses only facilitate year round production. Any woman can apply for a USDA grant or loan to build a greenhouse and start her own operation under another initiative that honored free enterprise instead of a monopoly. A friend has a daughter in law ho just received an $80K grant from USDA to build a greenhouse to grow herbs!

  3. This bill violates federal antitrust laws, corrupts the free enterprise system we are supposed to have and is backed by Sen. Hagan and former Sen. Hagan who own stock in it. Aren’t those politicians supposed to be protecting our freedoms instead of violating them? The people who are complaining a farmers who can afford to build green houses and women who can apply for USDA agricultural grants or loans to build a green house to start a business. The people who are complaining see that this is another cartel that will control prices just as the AMA and Big Pharma do and we believe State control of any enterprise meets the Planned Economy practices of a Communist Society like China not the USA!

  4. Hi Victoria, found ya… this is 6stringsblues from YouTube. We Chatted briefly on the live “is grass greener”. Anyway, I see you are in Iowa. Hope you get this and might want to chat more. I use gmail with the same name btw, if you might want to email back. Peace. Michael 56 yrs. old. Northern Illinois

  5. I have secured investors and have the cash to start; however, only allowing that few to grow and sell is unfair. Sure, I can dream but if you prevent me from pursuing a competitive business and then sell licenses before it is legalized then that is pure corruption from those whom can lobby and have political connections.
    We can all to agree to disagree on the issue of monopolies with issue 5. Colorado and, California seem to be doing well and I think our laws should be similar.

  6. I like how everyone thinks they can open up a cultivation company! Even if anyone is allowed, do you even have enough money to open up a marijuana cultivation farm? They are very expensive to start/open. The only people complaining about the 10 grow sites, are those that can’t even afford to benefit from the law allowing anyone to cultivate. Nothing but dreamers, ignore the dreamers and back the ones really making this happen.

  7. 10 monopolies will control the POT.. THATS NOT COOL, This is supposed to be a grass roots plan. For the people and START UP COMPANIES….IT”S NOT SUPPOSE TO MAKE THE RICH even RICHER. NO TO THE TEN MONOPOLIES !!!!

  8. Scott Defabbo on

    herion is also from a God given plant as is cocaine so why not just legalize it all with this reasoning

  9. Chrissy m Adams on

    Yayy I’m so glad we need it I have health problems I know it helps my back pain and my PA SD I LOVE SOMKING MARIJUANA IT HELPS ME TO RELAX AND MY ANGER IT HELPS EVERYTHING. THERE IS SOMEONE NIGH I CAN ‘T SLEEP.state of Ohio has been fighting for it

  10. Well Ohio pro weed supporters they needed 300,000 signatures and they received 695,000 signatures. So it is going toward. Yayyy
    How do I get started to open a shop and get my license to sell it anyone know.

  11. I’m for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. It’s a lot harmless then alcohol. It’s also a lot less to and harmless to your body then pharmaceutical drugs.

  12. jerrod mckenzie on

    Get your facts straight!!!!!!! Responsible Ohio does allow for home growers. It proposes that you can grow four flowering plants at one time and can possess up to eight ounces of ready to consume marijuana that you have grown!!! If you grow four plants the correct way, that will keep the most avid smoker supplied!!!!!

  13. jerrod mckenzie on

    i am reading the comments made by all of these people who are upset by the fact that they can not grow and sell it themselves, or complaining that large corporations will be the ones making all of the money. I personally do not care who is making all of the money as long as I can purchase and smoke marijuana without the fear of being arrested. I have been prescribed a laundry list of psych meds over the years and have found the side effects out weigh the positive results. The ones that do work I can not take because they make me so sick I can barely function. If there are problems with the law after it is passed then adjustments can be made, but please, let’s just get it passed first. If you don’t know how to sign the petition, just google RESPONSIBLE OHIO and follow the link. once there you can click on sign the petition and you will be given a list of locations and dates for you to sign.

  14. I’m all for this bill. I’m not a fan of the 10 monopolies it creates or that it doesn’t allow home grow. Laws can be changed for the better and they will be in this case. The biggest step is getting over the hump of legalization. Once we do that, the hard part is over, then we can focus on the details. If a better bill is introduced this election then I WILL vote for it. No state has the perfect forum of legalization yet and to demand ohio does it perfectly the first try is unrealistic. If this is our only choice then go with it. If you want to home grow, chances are you’d do it regardless of the law anyhow. It’s nonsense to lose sight of the big picture here, because of details that can be changed, and that’s legalization and equalization.

  15. ANY bill that takes that first step toward legalization is worth support. Amendments and laws can be changed for the better. If there are two bills on the ballot, then by all means choose the better bill. This movement could be killed by 2016 if Jeb bush takes office, then legalization starts all over again. Fighting over minor details can be done after you gain all the momentum you can. If you wanna grow do it anyway, you most likely would’ve regardless. Think people, the more momentum you gain the harder you are to stop. Don’t let this die fighting over adjustments that can be made next election!



    COLUMBUS DISPATCH QUOTE,Columbus attorney Jon Allison

    Jon Allison, a Columbus attorney who represents the Drug Free Action Alliance, offered his

    personal opinion on the issue.

    “If you put that creators of the Sopranos and

    Breaking Bad in the same room they couldn’t come up with a plot this far fetched. Perhaps

    the details will help clarify things but right now it sounds like 10 wannabe drug lords are going

    to ask Ohio voters to constitutionally protect their cartels and turf,”END QOUTE


    ResponsibleOhio is pitching a ballot issue in which 10 investors would be

    allowed to grow and profit from the wholesale marketing of marijuana for personal use in Ohio….

    Critics call the plan “cannabis capitalism” and charge that it is focused entirely on

    profit by a monopoly controlled by wealthy investors.

  17. Who agrees that the Government has a right to “refuse/deny” a US citizen the right to posses a “plant”? This is the 1 question I cannot get past. What gives a government the right to supersede the “majority” of its citizens. Every single piece of US currency “ever” produced in this country says “In God We Trust”. A god given plant, the US government sounds quite hypocritical to me.
    I am not saying they don’t have a right to regulate it, but all these votes, discussions etc… honestly should not even exist.
    If “We the people” tell our “Public Representatives” we do not want our citizens arrested and jailed because of a “plant”… that should be end of point. Put people in office that understand that… poof done!

  18. donaven rhoden on

    Amber you need to do some more research if it becomes legal you can grow sell and start a business so go do some research

  19. bad law because this means I cant get a license and grow even though it should be people like me but instead will be big business insiders getting the licenses. if you are for marijuana legalization you should be for the ability for the people to start their own business growing and if not you are just a pot head and don’t really matter. people that only care if they can smoke some dope are the ones that want to see this bill passed. it needs to be legalized but not like this. it needs to be legalized for the sick and for the economy and small business owners but also for the sake of abolishing a crooked racist law that was only pushed to keep more folks drinking alcohol and if you vote on this you will be encouraging the same type of behavior.

  20. Lars, The Ohio Rights Group has a link that we hope you would go to and download a petition which holds 36 signatures. (Don’t sign your own, we encourage you to have a someone you know also download a petition & sign each others) They must be registered voters. (voter registrations can be obtained to register new voters) The instructions are there and plenty of folks to answer questions need be including myself. http://www.ohiorightsgroup.org/

    you will also find a page that links you to all sorts of conditions for which Cannabis has been shown to help medically

  21. total needed is just over 300,000… we have approx 150,000 so we need another 200,000. ORG= Medicinal Cannabis = OCRA

  22. if they are controlling the goth, and money with only 10 or so people allowed to grow it what is that that’s just pushing for there self and more money for them. I we a people should have the right to grow and sell

  23. Gonna keep this short as possible.. I have epilepsy. . I lived in Colorado for while had my card… me not having medical Marijuana is now giving me more aggressive seizures then I have ever had.. this is a condition that can end a person’s life at any point.. it’s crazy they won’t just give it medically to people like me who really need it… where can I sign to be one of the 400,000 … plz everyone sign help save not only me but everyone else who medically needs Marijuana. . Thx u

  24. Eric Akecheta Srisongkham on

    What the hell are we waiting for legalize the shit an see what happens next prob make this country a hell of a lot better then what it is now. Just think of the money the govt could make an less crime rate there would be the fucking Mexicans wouldn’t know what to do there goes 33% of there money less hastle with them bastards fucking shit up. Ohhhhhhhhhhh an we could put money towards actually trying to get reallllllllllllllllllllll drugs off the street instead of spending millions of dollars fighting against a medicine plant that old hillbilly bob is growing in the back woods to make a lil cash to make other people happy which in return

  25. The amendment isn’t even out yet,once it comes out,and you read what it is about,THEN you may base your opinion on IF this is good for Ohio,of course the MEDIA is gonna make it sound bad,this shit ain’t even out yet and everybody wrote it off already.When the bill is out for all to read,THEN make your judgement about what is good for Ohio,untill then,you all have no clue as to what this bill pertains,all you know,is what the media and other groups hating on it are saying.All I am saying is be optomistic,these people may come in and finally get the job done,and patients will have access to Medicinal Cannabis In Ohio.

  26. Victoria Khan on

    Seems Like we all agree on the maintaining our “Right to Grow”… now if we could all come together… One Love.

  27. responsibleohioans.org and ohiorightsgroup.org:
    Why have two organizations that have essentially the same purpose? By combining your efforts, you’re more likely to get all the signatures you need!

  28. Cincinnati (responsibleohioans.org) and John Pardee (ohiorirightsgroup.org): Is there some reason these two groups don’t/won’t merge? I’ve found that folks that work together are more likely to achieve success.

  29. i agree. I wish activists would stop referring to laws that prohibit cultivation as “legalization”. These richies who want to lobby for a law which grants them the right to cultivate(on a mass scale) but none for everyone else… they are the despicable, really just as bad as the cartels. I would rather chance that spent on the black market, my money just might make it to a good grower, whereas this law guarantees it just goes to some corrupt fatcat.

  30. Thank you Johnny Green and THEWEEDBLOG for writing this… I am a volunteer/activist with Ohio Rights Group. We appreciate your time in watching and writing about Ohio. We hope the monopoly doesn’t win. Please support the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment (aka OCRA). Again Thanks and ONE LOVE

  31. End of the Rope on

    If you can’t grow it, they win. Arizona has the 25 mile which means if you live within 25 miles of a dispensary you can’t grow. They’ve managed to corner 95% of the states patients. None are happy about being hoodwinked into it. The control over it must be released. If Ohio falls into this trap they will regret it forever because the puppet masters still have the small hairs to grab and they will.

  32. You are right to say that people should have the right to grow. But you totally lost me on decriminalization.. Decriminalization is still prohibition, it is an obnoxious nuisance that imposes a black market/criminal monopoly. Under decriminalization, where do I go for weed? Can’t go to a store. Got to know a friend of a friend, which doesn’t work for me since I’m socially awkward and decriminalization discriminates against the socially awkward. . How can I get customer satisfaction if I get ripped off or sold bad weed? Explain how decriminalization will guarantee consumer protection. Cannabis should be regulated no more than parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Decriminalization just makes prohibition more comfortable. Say yes to legalization and build and improve upon it. Don’t wave the white flag of surrender called “decriminalization”.

  33. Vote NO to fake legalization bills like the one that is being proposed in Ohio. No right to grow your own in this bill, and possession is already decriminalized in Ohio. This is just for 10 rich people to get richer having exclusive rights to growing marijuana.

  34. If any Ohioans or fair minded Americans want to see the 8th largest economy in the nation be open to all qualified growers and become a fair and competitive free enterprise marketplace, we encourage you to go the our website, join up and make a donation. We won’t have millionaires funding our effort. Our Amendment is For the People and our support has to come From the People. http://www.ohiorightsgroup.org (Ohio Rights Group on Facebook) PS, you can download our petition from our website and help us raise the signatures we need to qualify for the ballot. Thank you.

  35. Neither of the full legalization measures are up on the AG site yet, however the Responsible Ohioans amendment can be found at responsibleohioans.org. It has been through the first round at the AG site, been rejected, and is being modified to be sent back. Responsible Ohio (the new group) has not made public their petition.

  36. Weed blog, the national players such as yourself are helping to confuse the issue and missing a much bigger story. Could one of you please break this story? Smokers in Ohio need your help. The group planning the casino model copied the name of an existing group with an existing petition that is (I’m told) modeled off Jack Herers’. It is confusing even you here since you copied the logo of the existing group with the great petition. The NEW group are calling themselves Responsible Ohio and are planning what some are calling a monopoly. The existing group is called Responsible Ohioans. Name difference is in the “ans” at the end and when typing into FB Responsible Ohio (the new group) it pulls up Responsible Ohioans (the existing group) and people think it is the same. After all, why wouldn’t they? It is causing reputable blogs such as yourself to confuse the two as well as longtime activists in Ohio. The two groups are on opposite ends of the spectrum with regards to how the Ohio cannabis industry would be managed, so perhaps this was an intentional name copy. Responsible Ohioans treats cannabis as other agricultural crops and commercial industries are handled and allows 99 plants for home grow and limited sales by individuals. Licensing fees are low to enable an open industry. Responsible Ohio will allow no home grow, will only have 10 grows statewide with individuals pre-designated (none of which has been made public so take it with a grain of salt). I’ve worked with just about every activist leader in Ohio over the past 1-1/2 yrs. There are 3, not 2 proposals. By far the best for the people is Responsible Ohioans proposal. The monopoly is a disaster for Ohio and activists are already mobilizing against it.

  37. We are the Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis. I would like to know why this article, talking about ORG and this new monopoly group, is using our logo? Are you trying to confuse Ohioans?

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