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Will Old Obama Marijuana Decriminalization Video Come Back To Haunt Him?


barack obama medical marijuanaA Video From 2004 Showing Obama Arguing In Favor Of Marijuana Decriminalization Is Getting New Attention

I have been seeing an old video getting new attention on ‘traditional’ political websites. It seems that ever since Colorado and Washington State legalized marijuana, political pundits and analysts have been scrambling to fit their head around the issue. I couldn’t be more delighted, as I’ve been waiting for the political world to discover marijuana politics for years now. What other single policy issue touches on so many areas – economics, criminal justice, health, etc.

The big question working it’s way around the net right now is ‘will this video come back to haunt Obama?’ I think just about every marijuana activist in America would answer ‘no.’ This video has been out for a long, long time, and has already been seen by who knows how many people. I watched it a lot during the 2008 campaign, foolishly hoping it would mean something if Obama won. Sadly, after seeing Obama flip flop on medical marijuana, and laugh at and duck a question about marijuana legalization more than once during his re-election campaign, it’s pretty obvious that he could care less what he said in 2004. Maybe he changes his mind now that he won’t face re-election, but I doubt it.

I once heard Chris Lindsey from Montana explain that the same month the federal DOJ issued a memo saying it would respect state medical marijuana laws, the feds ordered an investigation into his COMPLETELY LEGAL medical marijuana operation. Mr. Lindsey is an attorney, and knew the Montana law inside and out, and followed it to the letter as directed by Obama’s memo. Mr. Lindsey and his business partners now face a decades in prison. The only thing that will come back to haunt Obama is his own conscience when he realizes the lives he has ruined with his policies.


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  1. i hate that i can not smoke on lunch break. Now i can teach and stand to be around the class i have to teach . i need to a wws

  2. Burlwood Barry on

    Cannabis is POWER TO THE PEOPLE in the most direct way <3 also it should be illegal to practice willful ignorance, therefore Gil Kerlikowske (ONDCP) and Michele Leonhart (DEA) belong in jail immediately for lying to the public. their predecessors too

  3. An interesting point I heard on a video interview of the backer of the Oregon legalization movement, was that he claimed he’d received correspondence from the Obama administration that said that Obama would somewhat reverse his position after re-election and allow states to decide the issue. Take that with a grain of salt though, because he also said he wouldn’t push the DEA at medical marijuana. But, now that he doesn’t need to worry about re-election so there may be hope.

  4. “The only thing that will come back to haunt Obama is his own conscience
    when he realizes the lives he has ruined with his policies.”

    There are some of us who doubt he has one.

  5. He clearly states in this video that he is NOT for legalization. Rather, he suggests decriminalization.

  6. Puff'n'BlowFish on

    A truly successful national prohibition scheme depends upon a society’s unanimous support for the policy underlying that prohibition, to include nearly all communities, all states, and the general public opinion. Prohibition requires the general public to echo a resounding “no” to any “outlier” who desires to depart from the prohibition scheme. However, marijuana does not come close to the support required to keep it illegal. In fact, substantial swaths of the public in the USA highly seek and desire marijuana, and states are beginning to rebel against the prohibition policy which now provides the citizens of the USA with an option on where to buy the desired marijuana, which carries a very high level of public appeal nowadays.

    In the 1940’s, marijuana prohibition support was only robust because of a wide, public, fear-based ignorance surrounding marijuana’s consequences. However, in 2012, the internet has spread the truth much faster than the truth spread in the 1940’s. Essentially, prohibition policies built exclusively upon a fear-based ignorance are always bound to fail because eventually the truth will get out, and when it does, support for the prohibitionist policy will significantly erode. Upon erosion of prohibitionist support, a quilted, divergent patchwork results among the laws that need to agree in order to maintain a prohibitionist scheme. The most recent unraveling of marijuana law from CO and WA will surely mark the beginning of the end for our generation’s marijuana prohibition policies.

  7. It only makes sense. Prohibition did not work with Alcohol. It spawned one of the most violent crime eras in recent history. Besides, there are so many benefits arising from marijuana cultivation.

  8. i live in washington state and we just legalized marijuana and start dec 6 21 and over will be able to buy weed so now lets legalize it everywhere now and start bringing in money

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