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Willie Nelson/NORML PSA For Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition


www.norml.org – NORML Advisory Board Member Willie Nelson speaks out in support of the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011.” This legislation, if passed, would allow states the freedom to set their own marijuana laws independent of the federal government and pursue legalization.


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  1. Charles Queen on

    Letting individual states decide on makimg marijuana legal for adult use will not work.The only thing thats going to do is t make people smuggle it from states that make it legal into the ones that do not make it legal.The only way anything is going to work is to make marijuana legal for adult use nationwide.This takes out the criminal element completely.I have so many positive reasons for it to be legalized nation wide an it’s not just dlegated to getting high either but a huge amount of very psositive reaons it should be made legal

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