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Win Free Canadian Medical Marijuana For A Year


vader og marijuana strainI’ve seen contests before where medical marijuana dispensaries are giving away free marijuana. However, it’s usually a small amount, and requires some type of other purchase. I just read an article about a Canadian website that is offering a contest that will provide free medical marijuana for a year to the winner.

The website is LiftMj.Com, which recently launched its ‘Get Happy Canada’ contest. The contest is open to all Canadians with a valid marijuana prescription. It’s also open to Canadians without a valid prescription, although a valid prescription has to be obtained by the time the medical marijuana is provided. The winner of the contest will be provided with one free gram of marijuana a day for one year. Per Reuters:

“Our goal at Lift is to promote the production and consumption of high quality and ethical Canadian marijuana offered at affordable prices to Canadians,” states Lift on its website. ”We want Canada to set an example for the rest of the world; to show them how marijuana can change lives and transform economies.”

Lift will not be supplying the contest winner with medical marijuana directly. Rather, they will pre-order and pay for one gram of medical marijuana a day from a licensed provider. The purpose of the contest is to raise awareness for Canada’s medical marijuana program ran by Health Canada.


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  1. I really believe that marijuana is the best herb that heals many things,me I have lots of health issues and marijuana helps all of my issues.People need to open there eyes and legalize it and not punish people for having marijuana.It is better for your body & health then having to take the meds from your doctor that cause you side affects & liver damage.Please everyone agree to legalize marijuana……

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