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Win Free Tickets To The High Times Cannabis Cup In Portland, Oregon


shango dispensary portland medical marijuanaLast weekend I had the pleasure of meeting some of the fine people from the Shango dispensaries. Shango has two locations in Portland, and they have some of the most premium medical marijuana I’ve seen in quite sometime. They are currently doing a contest, which I felt needed to be passed along because I know we get a lot of Oregon readers, especially from Portland. Below are more details, and make sure to check out Shango if you are in the area, and follow them on Twitter to find out about other contests and deals they have:

Are you a go-getter? How about a ShanGoGetter? Here’s your chance to earn huge monthly rewards through our brand-new referral program! You have to be an OMMP cardholder, of course, so please swing by either of our two #Portland locations to sign up! Here’s what you could be eligible each month as a ShanGoGetter:

• $250 gift certificate for Shango premium
cannabis products!

• Choose whatever products you want – get all
flower or mix and match flower, concentrates,
edibles and infused products!

• A loaded Shango Swag Bag, including select
Shango merchandise, handy accessories
and more!

• $50 gift certificate toward your choice of a
vaporizer pen or a pipe from our
accessories collection!

• And, for a limited time, two free tickets to the
2015 Portland Cannabis Cup – the epicenter of
all things cannabis in Oregon!

Head down to Shango Cannabis in person and sign up today!

shango cannabis cup portland


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  1. I live in Alabama. My mom and little sister live in Portland and my mom is a medicinal patient. I’m wanting to travel and visit with them and stop thru to the first Oregon held cannabis cup as well. As a strong enthusiast of medical weed it’s awesome seeing it become recreational and in such a cool place. I’d love to win these tickets and come join in the fun!

  2. Whyiowa4medical on

    What was misdiagnosed cannot be prevented. Rather than test me for CF when I became very ill with pseudocystic pancreatitis, they took the ancient road and accused me of alcoholism. This cost me 3 months of torturous treatment in the hospital, no sleep, I attempted suicide twice as I could not take the pain, finally an addiction specialist was called in for my surgery and he placed me on 100mcg/eq. of Duragesic. The torture ended but the pain of this, when it flares, is beyond the misery of cancer. I discovered hypogonadotropic hypogonadism at the U of I research department (endocrinology specialty, nurse anesthesia specialty) when setting up to work with these male clients. Most thought I was a physician as male nurses were still considered gay and I just happen to be married. I went through the HCG shots and then combined with FSH shots to produce a child my wife so badly wanted. Had we been searching for CF Alleles I could easily have found the F-508 which only takes one allele to produce some serious disease. Didn’t I mention I had been misdiagnosed several times with doctors applying their own diagnosis without evidence? Did this ring any bells? Or am I to be responsible for something not diagnosable in 1983, at least not in my form. Cannabis did keep my symptoms at bay, greatly retarding what would have been a death at 25. At 56 I find your 20/20 hindsight more annoying than helpful, remember we are just poor dumb country people and it is always our fault when the allele count was a mere 750 types and our wives want to be mothers. Yes, I was medically abused, and no, they did not check for F-508, but when one is a patient believed to be an alcohol abuser (and doctors are God, they never err) not one professional would listen to me. I was not allowed to fire my doctor (a very basic patient right) in favor of the doctor that treated me growing up. Cannabis kept me from exhibiting any symptoms or clues of CF. I was after a promotion to become a general manager, it required UA’s, but I never got there as the amylase and lipase in my bloodstream was causing severe issues until I passed out leaving a salt chalk line around my body, of course this was ignored too. My first daughter was born in 1984 and my second with a longtime girlfriend in 1985. After stopping the HCG & FSH children then became an impossibility as I allowed myself to become fully sterile and stop a year of constant shots. One daughter died of “asthma” at 11, the other has her mother’s back problems at 30 years old.

  3. So you thought to yourself, “my phenotype surely has nothing to do with my genotype and surely will not be transferred to my children in any form?”

    For years, I considered forgoing breeding just for my family having Type 1 diabetes which is likely a single recessive allele (unlike many other conditions which can be up to +20 alleles). I have also considered forgoing breeding because I am very tall and thin with a mind that is apparently undesirable (I am anomalously intelligent for my family) to society in addition to being emotionally sensitive for a guy (ya, I know I sound like a douche a lot of the time- that is a learned survival strategy).

    Intelligence is easily a +20 allele characteristic. I still say stupid people should forgo breeding most of the time (unless they show high fitness or are otherwise highly talented). A stupid couple is far more likely to produce stupid children vs a smart couple. Are we all going to justify our self centered propagation of malignancy just because 5% of the time we actually produce children that escape such a state?

  4. Whyiowa4medical on

    This form of Cystic Fibrosis was only able to be discovered after 1999, and as I said, it is often not diagnosed until one is on the coroner’s slab. I worked on some research at the University of Iowa, and self diagnosed my own singular anomaly which was considered “no big deal.” As research continues, there have been some 2,200 forms of the Cystic Fibrosis gene found!!! Do they know how they act? NO. It was once thought that only Nordic peoples got CF, now it is known that every race and shade can get CF because of these add-on allels. This answers about 50 of these genes. What are the rest and what disease are they responsible for??? Do you have one or a dozen of them? You can find out for most of them post 2010, but mine was diagnosed as alcoholism until 1999. I detest alcohol!!! That was the best they could do and called me a liar. After their massive torture for 4 months in the hospital, I feel vindicated. I had the effect of a disease that required major morphine doses and they gave me micrograms to punish, not heal!!!

  5. Thats because people will buy products just for receiving “freebies.” Promoting drug use is not what drug legalization is about.

    But this is OMMP anyways and OMMP has virtually no regulatory structure aside from giving patients permission to posses 7,000 doses free of concern for actual “medical necessity.”

  6. Interesting. And it never crosses anyone’s minds that not having children if you are afflicted with these conditions would actually do much more to solve the problem than promoting lifetime dependency on medical treatments?

  7. This guy is trying to build a monopoly. He retails only his own grow.

    If he is a good grower, then he shouldn’t waste his time with retail operations. If he is not a good grower and needs the higher margins of retailing his own products, he needs to quit growing and just do retail.

    The incessant branding is also super annoying.

  8. Whyiowa4medical on

    I have spoken with Christie and while he tries to impress, he’s a bag of wind!!! Your symptoms sound much like mine would have been had I not had cannabis to prevent my disease progression. I have a rarely diagnosed form of Cystic Fibrosis and the disease forms that follow these newly discovered forms of CF are often intestinal (polyps, stage 1 cancers, and pancreatitis). In my teens my “growing pains” were unbearable. It is fatal by accompanying diseases but even Patrick Swayze wasn’t diagnosed as a CF patient until he was on the slab!!! You may not have this, but I am doing research today, that will be a game changer in diseases like this, Mystery diseases are why we evolved with cannabis and what I need to complete, I have no choice but to grow. I am moving quickly as I can to get to a state where I can complete this as I have many real patients in my files that believe they are recreational only users. My opinion is they have a greater medical need than most, as their use can retard and reverse their conditions. It all depends on genetic testing, reactions to muted pheromones and the cannabis user body type that was recently discovered. They all point to diseases that cannabis can retard and cure, which you have likely needed cannabis for since you were 15, as I was. Prior to that time I disliked everything about cannabis, LSD was my gateway drug. Barbiturates were my cannabis, most of them prescribed!!! Wish me luck and look for funding!!!

  9. kurtisbuddylee on

    I`m sure that many states are and will be able to legalizing marijuana for home use. But even though only a few states have it medical approved but here in New Jersey it`s only for medical use and here you have to be on your death bed. I have many medical problems and I even seen a doctor here but in N.J. there are only 10 symptoms that you would be able to get approved. My point is that I don`t fit into any of those just because I don`t have cancer, I don`t have aids but I have a chronic illness and I am now 53 years old and I had this problem every since I was 16 years old. I can`t gain weight, I get severe pains and I`m in and out of the hospitals at least 5-10 times a year. Everything that I have I would been medical approved but it`s just that I`m not dieing, don`t have cancer etc. So I can`t get into that category. Besides with our Governor in NJ is against medical marijuana and legalizing it. But he just doesn`t know how much N.J. can get out of our debt here if he would make it legal. He`s living in the past and not the present because all he says for an excuse is that it makes young adults etc. Is that marijuana leads to harder drugs. I just wish that this year his time would been up for election and hopefully he won`t run for the next president!!!!!!!!!!!! Even in Philadelphia they made changes where you only get a fine and it saves a lot amount of money in every state but here because it takes hours of paper work for every time someone gets caught with marijuana. The way that I look at it is that the local police should be spending more time catching murders, rapist etc. Instead of this such called that marijuana GOV. Chris Christie qoute ” Leads to gateway to harder drugs”

  10. sadly, awesome contests like this will be banned under measure 91 “SECTION 46. Marijuana may not be given as prize. Marijuana items may not be given as a prize, premium or consideration for a lottery, contest, game of chance or skill, or competition of any kind.”

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