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Wisconsin Girl Dies Waiting For Implementation Of Marijuana Extract Legislation

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By Brandon Isaak

Tragically, Lydia Schaeffer (aged 7) passed away on Mother’s Day from a rare genetic disorder called Kleefstra syndrome, which causes terrible seizures and other complications. Her plight inspired lawmakers in Wisconsin to legalize a marijuana extract to treat her condition, despite their opposition to a broader medical marijuana reform.

Sally Schaeffer, Lydia’s mother, lobbied the state legislature to legalize the cannabidiol (CBD) extract from the marijuana stain known as Charlotte’s Web for use on children with seizure disorders. Even though lawmakers moved to pass the limited CBD-only bill in record time, determining the implications of the law stalled it from going into effect. Additionally, CBD-only bills leave behind 98% of the patients who can benefit from medical marijuana, so Wisconsin still has a long way to go before patients have legal access to this much-needed medicine.

In Lydia’s honor, Sally plans to continue spreading the word on CBD oil. She said she was contacted by Sen. Robert Wirch’s office this week and told they would try to have the bill she championed called Lydia’s Law. Wirch’s sympathy toward the Schaeffer family is welcomed, but his and other politicians’ compassion for the vast majority of other patients in need is currently lacking.

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  1. I agree with Gil…. I would go to hell and back if it would help save my sick child….I wouldn’t give a dam what the government or anyone else said…..If I had to cross enemy lines, swim the largest ocean, climb the highest mountain to get medicine that I knew for a fact would save my baby, I would do it, legal or not!! I would have gone to Denver and brought it back some how or another and if it meant hiding it up my butt, so be it!! I’m a Lion when it comes to my babies and I pity the fool that thinks he could stop me!!!!!

  2. Thalia Michelle on

    Gil – Calm down. First of all, the parents were seeking a CBD-only strain that is known for helping epilepsy. That strain is not available no the black-market. NO CBD strains are available on the black-market. They are in *such* high demand. In order to get on the waiting list, Wisconsin had to be legal. THC strains are not as effective for some forms of epilepsy. I have no doubts those parents tried. No doubts whatsoever. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Ahem.

  3. CBD Oil Supporter on

    First of all, I 100% support legalizing something that has been proven to help a slew of medical conditions. But are you serious?! Blaming the parents?! Give it to the child and then what? These children are very complex. And often require bloodwork to be done before any of the many procedures that they have to endure. So when the child has to have blood drawn because of these countless other ailments that they are suffering and they find evidence in their blood you end up in jail where you can’t help your child at all? Genius statement. Pure Genius.

  4. richard jenkins on

    insanity,war and cops shooting anything in there path..and congress members get huge cost of living gift as veterans are thrown in the dumpster

  5. Karen Ferguson on

    I’m sorry. These kind of issues and problems are downright sad. I wish I had answers, but I don’t. I’d take a magic wand at this point because I totally agree with you….all this time working on this legalization. It’s heart-breaking: children dying. I often wonder…who currently takes ownership of STILL promoting the propaganda resulting in brainwashing about medical attributes of cannabis?

  6. Joe_Thomas_WI on

    I do as I filed multiple open records requests. The result? This family doesn’t support “medical marijuana” and the politicians say this isn’t medical marijuana. Instead they played politics, passed a CBD bill that will likely help noone and ignored the proposed comprehensive medical marijuana legislation – a slap in the face to all of the Wisconsin activists who have worked for decades, including patients like Jacki Rickert.

  7. Karen Ferguson on

    We don’t know the details of this particular situation, do we? I haven’t seen them. No matter, we’re all on the same side, that of the child’s…we often just say it differently. We’re going to get there!!

  8. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Times a wastin’, lives a taken. Baby steps, slow down, we don’t know the repercussions. Too bad now, that baby never stepped, a death sentence, without that medicine. (Some say)We’ll just wait and see; (Others)only CBD. No, no, no. It’s the Whole plant, see. With its entourage. Our bodies designed, all of mankind, with the key to unlock, the power that is the endocannabanoid system. We weren’t created before plants. That’s how long our relationship is. The time is now.

  9. The parents (mother) are as guilty as the ‘lawmakers’! If your child is sick, and you know there is medicine out there to cure them, you give it to them!!! “Because it’s illegal”, is NOT an excuse!!!

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