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Woman Used Marijuana To Treat Her Cancer 2,500 Years Ago


rick simpson oil cannabis cancer medical marijuana skinI absolutely hate cancer. Right now my dad is fighting prostate cancer, and my cousin’s grandma is fighting cancer in multiple parts of her body. Cancer is a horrible thing. I wish more people considered using medical marijuana to help treat their cancer. Fortunately the two relatives I previously named were open to the idea and are using medical marijuana to compliment their other treatments. Medical marijuana has been used for a long time to help treat cancer. In fact, it was recently discovered that a woman who lived 2,500 years ago was using medical marijuana to treat her breast cancer. Per the Huffington Post:

Did a dying Siberian maiden who lived 2,500 years ago self-medicate with marijuana? New research by Russian scientists shows that’s a likely possibility.

To cope with the pain she must have been experiencing, the princess could have resorted to cannibis — a container of the stuff having been found alongside the mummy in her burial chamber.

As archaeologist Natalya Polosmak wrote in a recent issue of the journal Science First Hand: “It is likely that for this sick woman, the regular inhalation of cannabis smoke was a necessity.”

I always get upset when I hear medical marijuana opponents try to use the delay tactic of ‘we need to know more about medical marijuana before we can support it.’ Medical marijuana has been around a lot longer than those idiots, proven by the story above. Marijuana is medicine. If someone can use medical marijuana to help alleviate/treat their conditions, they should be allowed to do so.


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  1. Marijuana has been used for thousands of years if animals ate it so did our ancient ancestors. How do you think we figured out what plants we could eat. Hence corn, beans, shit every food produced by God. Just so you get one fact right God or nature was the first original cross pollinator .

  2. Your so right! This plant is on the planet, all over the place, for a reason, and it’s not to start wars on the populous. More research would be nice, but there has been enough done already that proves what we (weed users) already know, so screw the research already. The government has already done enough studies in the last 40 years wanting to PROVE that cannabis is harmful, and they then bury the studies because the results are not what they want to hear. I’m a little pissed off today. Sorry for the rant.

  3. Sorry about your friend and relatives Johnny! It pisses me off when I hear “there’s not enough research on it yet…” come out of someone’s mouth as well. Cannabis is THE MOST RESEARCHED PLANT on the face of the Earth.

    Now, if they so choose to NOT READ the research or in most cases even LOOK at the research. That’s A LOT different than saying “there’s not enough research on it…”.

    I got a letter from Sen. John McCain stating verbatim the words we used above. Then, in the next sentence he went on to pledge his support and the need for more money for the NIH and NIDA. The two agencies that are STIFLING any research on Marijuana.

    I was like… DUDE, You are SO FAR “out of touch” with REALITY! You’ve been in Washington D.C. for FAR too long and need to be replaced.

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