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Women Are Stepping Up For Marijuana Legalization


show me cannabis women marijuana missouriBy Ellen Komp, Deputy Director of California NORML

A new CBS poll released on 4/20 is the first to show majority female support for marijuana legalization in the US. Though still trailing the 59% of men who are in favor of legalization, 54% of women now say they support it too.

Last year’s CBS poll found that only 43% of women were pro-legalization, versus 54% of men, an 11-point gap. This year’s poll narrows the gap to 5 points and represents an 11% jump in support from women in only one year’s time.

National polls in recent years have shown women’s support for legalization as high as 48%, but always trailing men’s approval by 8-13 points. Women are also around 15% less likely to admit that they have tried marijuana.

The same is true regionally: in Florida a 2015 Quinnipac poll found again 57% of men supported legalization and only 46% of women did. And if marijuana were to be legalized for recreational use in the state, 70 percent of women said they would ‘definitely not use’ it, compared to 59 percent of men.

Similarly in Ohio, there was a 12% differential between men at 59% support and women at 47%; and 71 percent of women, and only 57 percent of men, said they would ‘definitely not use’ legal marijuana.

But now perhaps we have reached a tipping point on women coming over to seeing the light of legalization. When I checked in January of this year, Cal NORML’s Twitter followers were 75% male, down from 85% a few months earlier; they’re now down to 66% male, a 20% drop in less than 6 months.

One reason for the shift, I think, is the increased number of female leaders at NORML chapters across the country, changing the perception of what a marijuana enthusiast looks like and giving women voters a greater comfort zone to voice their own support. A quick list of those leaders compiled by NORML Outreach Coordinator Kevin Mahmalji are:

  • Eleanore Ahrens – Southeast Ohio NORML
  • Vera Allen – Minnesota NORML
  • Trish Bertrand – Springfield NORML
  • Roseann Boffa – Los Angeles NORML
  • Cara Bonin – Houston NORML
  • Jes Bossems – Jefferson Area, Virginia NORML
  • Monica Chavez – New Mexico NORML
  • Cynthia Ferguson – Delaware NORML
  • Jax Finkle – Texas NORML
  • Karen Goldstein – Florida NORML
  • Kandice Hawes – Orange County, California NORML
  • Laura Judy – National Office
  • Jamie Kacz – Kansas City NORML
  • Danielle Keane – National Office
  • Ellen Komp – California NORML
  • Jessica Lee – Nacogdoches NORML
  • Jenni Morgan – National Office
  • Cher Neufer – Ohio NORML
  • Theresa Nightingale – Pittsburgh NORML
  • Danica Noble – NORML Women of Washington
  • Pam Novy – Virginia NORML
  • Jenn Michelle Pedini – Richmond NORML
  • Jordan Person – Denver NORML
  • Sharron Ravert – Peachtree, Georgia NORML
  • Carrie Satterwhite – Wyoming NORML
  • Mary Smith – Toledo NORML
  • Jessica Struzik – Northern Wisconsin NORML
  • Danielle Vitale – O’Brien – Miami Valley, Ohio NORML
  • Destiny Young – San Antonio NORML

Women everywhere are getting the message. “It is not as harmful as alcohol … It also helps medical conditions as a more natural substitute to pharmaceuticals,” one 46-year-old woman told Pew pollsters in 2015. “I think crime would be lower if they legalized marijuana,” said another woman, aged 62. “It would put the drug dealers out of business.”

Campaigns directed at women in states with legalization measures seem to have had an effect. Only 49 percent of women polled in favor of Colorado’s 2012 legalization measure, but 53 percent of them voted for it. The majority of women voters in Washington State also voted in favor of that state’s measure to legalize.

Many people are aware that women helped bring about alcohol prohibition in 1919. What many don’t know is that women were also instrumental in repealing prohibition, notably Pauline Sabin, the Republican socialite for whom NORML’s award recognizing women’s leadership is named. It seems that women are now also key in bringing about marijuana legalization.

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  1. saynotohypocrisy on

    Good point, now you’ve got me curious about the breakdown by sex/age too.

  2. Could age be the more important reason for the apparent disparity between the sexes? Opposition is highly concentrated in the oldest voting group, which has a higher percent of women than younger age groups.

    I wonder what the breakdown is between men and women in the younger groups.

  3. james f vandeventer jr on

    for the people who call marijuana poison needs to put down his rocks glass because we know for a fact alcohol is poison and i’m not worried about useing my real name.like youdukydavydook your are a ass!!!

  4. saynotohypocrisy on

    I prefer attack personality to attacking looks, also prefer gender neutral insults. Control freak is one of my favorite epithets

  5. BrooklynChickLovesLiberty on

    Many women are realizing cannabis can make PMS soooooo much better.

    What will happen when more middle aged women realize that cannabis infused coconut oil can make fine lines disappeare and cause your eye lashes to grow longer and thicker? (that’s a fact, btw)

  6. Yes, could not find a better description at the time, sorry can you suggest one?

  7. saynotohypocrisy on

    Yeah, that’s an important point too. And it all seems to be getting through to more and more women. The phrase ‘tipping point’ comes to mind.

  8. DukyDavyDook797883 on

    Just because women are selling this poison wont make it any safer.

  9. Read above: “I think crime would be lower if they legalized marijuana,” said another
    woman, aged 62. “It would put the drug dealers out of business.” Apparently women are getting that message.

  10. We male pot smokers just need to keep educating and pestering our wives and girlfriends and moms to see that it doesn’t have an impact on our lives ( certainly most of us anyway).

  11. Dave Smith on

    maybe someone should clue in the female population that prohibition provides an UNREGULATED product to ANYONE, including children, as black market dealers
    simply don’t care who they sell their product to.

  12. It is time for women like this to replace maura healey, cindy coffman, loretta lynch and other old hags with out dated views on cannabis.

  13. saynotohypocrisy on

    When it comes to weighing freedom vs. public safety, women will tend to focus on public safety more than men, because of their greater focus on children’s welfare and because they are vulnerable to so much anti-woman violence. This has made them more vulnerable to reefer madness lies and hysteria.
    Weed was always far safer than booze, now that weed is legal in a few states, it’s easier for women to see that for themselves. The fears that were indoctrinated in them are being proven groundless. There are about 300 alcohol related deaths every day in this country (with fetal alcohol syndrome related deaths often not noticed or counted), it’s a very unusual day if there is a single cannabis related fatality. Cannabis related attacks on women and children? Extremely rare.
    Women need society to provide a safer alternative buzz to alcohol even more than men do, and cannabis is very ready to provide one, and the market for prohib lies is drying up.

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