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Woman Once Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison For Selling $31 Of Marijuana Released Early


Patricia Spottedcrow Is Back With Her Family After Serving Almost Two Years In Prison

One of the saddest stories I have ever came across while doing The Weed Blog is the story of Patricia Spottedcrow. Patricia was once sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling $31 dollars worth of marijuana. Even one day in jail for marijuana is appalling, let alone a 12 year sentence for $31 worth. Patricia Spottedcrow’s sentence was later reduced, but she was still facing a lot of prison time. I’m happy to say that after almost two years in prison, Patricia is finally free!

Below is a video of Patricia Spottedcrow while she was in prison:

Below is a video of Patricia Spottedcrow getting to see her children after her release:

It’s outstanding that Patricia Spottedcrow is home with her family in Oklahoma. Let’s keep fighting so that we can get all of the other marijuana POW’s back home with their families as well!


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  1. I’m not unhappy with the oil companies. Our civilization depends on them. Scumbag politicians? As my grandpappy used to say, “they are all crooks.” As to some Americans – drugs make them crazy. In fact they don’t even have to use to get the effect. Just talk about them. Most amazing thing I have ever seen. But you do see a lot of it. It is still amazing.

  2. Shouldn’t the oil companies, scumbag politicians and the like be put in prison for all shit they do and yet here, we see people who want cannabis offenders to get capital punishment?

  3. Sounds a lot like what happened to myself. I was sentenced to 8 years in the Missouri DOC and did 14 months in prison before being released on parole for selling 3.2 grams to someone I knew for 10+ years. They set me up because they got caught with meth yet they got off scot free. I still have 4 years left on parole but am eligible for early release as long as I don’t get any violations since they passed the new law stating for every month you go without a violation 30 days will be removed from the end of your sentence.

  4. David Campione on

    Patricia is missing the point of this article it seems…………..the point is to resist federal and state goverments still jailing people for cannabis…my best friend spend 5 weeks in 2012 for cannabis drug test failure. Fuck this republican ass american judicial system. Jail or not we keep on fighting for cannabis and theres no stopping the flow with the word getting out to people that its harmless and helpful to life.

  5. I hope the iron has entered into your soul, so you can be used to help others who are experienencing injustice and being treated like criminal for your association with marijuana.

  6. Spottedcrow sounds Native American. Hasn’t enough been taken. This woman should be a poster child. My God! Has the whole world lost it’s damn mind? Best of luck, Dear Lady, to you and yours. You may have lost two years but you’ve, hopefully gained a following. Thank you for your sacrifice. You are truly loved and respected for it.

  7. Oklahoma is particularly vicious. I have a “friend” from that state and discuss the issue frequently. He is as junk yard dog mean on the issue as they come. He would make it a capital crime if he thought he could get enough support.

    His complaint these days? With people giving way on pot heroin is next. It warms my heart to see him in such torment. Had he given way on pot a long time ago. He might have been able to keep opiate prohibition going longer. The whole pile is coming down. Good.

  8. Chi Megwich for sharing this Story … It happens all to often in native communities but yet Casey Anthony can kill her kid and get away with it O.o

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