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Woody Harrelson’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary License Gets Denied In Hawaii

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I have been a Woody Harrelson fan for a very long time. I grew up watching Cheers on television, and White Men Can’t Jump is easily one of my favorite movies of all time. But Woody Harrelson’s acting career is not the only reason why I like him so much. Woody Harrelson has been a tireless champion for cannabis reform, and was once arrested for planting hemp. So I was sad to find out that his application to open one of Hawaii’s first medical marijuana dispensaries didn’t get approved. Per Reuters:

Oscar-nominated actor Woody Harrelson’s bid to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii was rejected on Friday, as the state approved eight of more than 60 applicants, officials said.

Harrelson, who is best known for his roles in the film “White Men Can’t Jump” and 1980s sitcom “Cheers,” had applied for a license on behalf of his company Simple Organic Living LLC.

The actor, who for more than a decade has spoken in favor of pot and is on the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, made national headlines earlier this year when his application became public.

I’d be interested to know if Woody is open to exploring opening a dispensary in another state. I live in Oregon, and the barrier to entering the industry is much lower here. As such, there about a zillion dispensaries, so it’s not the most lucrative marketplace from a competitive standpoint. But I know I’d shop there! The best of luck to Woody in the future!


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Johnny Green


  1. True…. I would hesitate to walk a mile in JT’s shoes. The infighting must be really fierce by now. LOL. I did write the chap a personal, hand written letter (sent in the MAIL) with 38 pages of signatures from LEAP. Just to remind the lad that not all cops support prohibition (like MP Bill Blair). PS Edibles and topicals require no combustion of plant materials.;)

  2. Karen Sobotker on

    Naw I didn’t stay and I have no millions yet but since he does and millionaires will rule the Philly Cannabis scene he might as well cash in.

  3. Neal Pilger on

    Philadelphia born and raised, in the playground spent most of my days… just cause Harrelson was in that shitty basketball movie (the first one, not the even shittier one with Farrell) would…… hold on. If you had a net worth in excess of $25M USD would you stay in Philly?

  4. Neal Pilger on

    Hawaii is not the perfect place to run a dispensary. It has a stable climate, rains every morning before people get out of bed, has beautiful beaches, pineapples as far as the can see (well that is the Dole corporation), great surfing and so forth. The population is also rather condensed – in cities and wee towns around the peripheries. It is absolutely calming on its own. The Islands, for the most part, are virtual paradises outside of the main urban centres – which are as horrid as Canadian cities on an excellent day. I imagine this request was denied because if enacted Woody would never leave, and the world loves Woody. Move to Canada, winter in the Islands. Best of both worlds.

  5. Neal Pilger on

    I think that Woody has an apartment in TO. He did a stint as a writer I believe a number of years back for NOW magazine.

  6. Neal Pilger on

    Thing is, I cannot smoke anything – lungs too sensitive, but I know that the medicinal properties of this plant help millions more than Big Pharma can.

  7. Neal Pilger on

    I agree with Bruce on this. Though Trudeau is starting to waffle a bit on implementing the legalization (either open, provincial, or federally restricted) mandate.

  8. Closet Warrior on

    I’m a big Woody Harrelson fan too but evebody’s starstruck, the name of of medical game is not lucrative business margins, it’s patient’s needs being met. PERIOD! I wish him well but he’ll be just fine w/out the extra fame and money. Look at Harborcide Collective in California, that’s the right business model for all Medical dispensaries. Patients come first and if their are residuals then they put it back into the business, education programs, free meds to the poor, etc…so the next time y’all go boo hooin’ for a superstar, remember the patient Johnny.

  9. Good article Johnny!
    Your writing is always clear concise and to the point. We always enjoy reading your work. As an Oregonian and as a Marijuana Gangapreneur, I can say that we appreciate your representation of our Marijuana Industry in Oregon!

  10. Come to Maine Woody. It’s the way life should be! We have a perfect place for you to set up your business in Nov.

  11. Wish Woody all the best, that his efforts will at the end lead him to his own dispensary !!
    But we can see that the fight for a decriminalised use of cannabis is still not not won, not even for medical patients … So that we all have to go on to get this issue done !
    So I hope that in the next days a huge amount of People will join the “Million Marihuana Marches” ( Global Marihuana Marches ) in cities all around the world, to make clear that we will fight for our rights !!

  12. MrTopgun21 on

    Yeah where dispensaries are illegal under the current Medical laws we have. So the MPS and local Sheriff’s can raid your store every month like thugs and steal your assets.

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