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World’s Largest Medical Cannabis Dispensary Is Opening New Location In Oregon Oct. 1st


portland oregon medical marijuana dispensary collective deliveryHarborside Health Center will open a new cannabis dispensary at 5816 NE Portland Hwy, near Portland International Airport, on October 1st—Oregon’s first official day of adult-use sales. Harborside Health Center is the nation’s largest model cannabis dispensary, with locations in Oakland and San Jose, Calif., and was recently awarded the first and only cannabis dispensary license in San Leandro, California.

Harborside Portland features executive team members from Harborside Health Center, including Executive Director Steve DeAngelo, along with locally hired staff led by General Manager Chris Helton, a former clinician at Oregon Health & Science University, who grew up in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley.

Widely considered the nation’s model medical cannabis dispensary, Harborside is pleased to enter Oregon’s adult-use market on its historic debut, with some of the country’s most sensibly written cannabis regulations. Harborside’s proven track record in community stewardship, innovation and social responsibility aligns with the progressive ideals of Portland and will only strengthen its existing cannabis community. Harborside Portland will be proud to offer top-quality products and extremely well-trained staff in a welcoming environment, with nearly a decade of experience in providing service to patients—and now, Oregon’s adult-use consumers.

For more information about Harborside Portland, visit http://www.harborsideportland.com.

About Harborside Health Center:

“Harborside Health Center, a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary with locations in Oakland and San Jose, California, is looked upon as a model of how others could operate.” – The New York Times

Founded in 2006 by Steve DeAngelo, Harborside Health Center is the most respected and largest medical cannabis dispensary in the United States. Harborside has 200,000 registered patients and was first in the nation to support education for seniors, veterans and families with severely ill children; first in the country to offer CBD-rich medicine; and the first to treat children with Dravet syndrome. Harborside continues to set an example of diversity and compliance, and is one of the prime advocates of diversity, sustainability and economic justice in the industry.

DeAngelo also co-founded the nation’s first cannabis-testing facility, Steep Hill Labs, and the country’s first cannabis investment and research firm, The ArcView Group. His debut book, “The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness,” was published by North Atlantic Books and distributed by Penguin/Random House on September 22, 2015; in the book’s foreword, Willie L. Brown, Jr., 41st mayor of San Francisco, calls DeAngelo, “the father of the legal cannabis industry.” www.cannabismanifesto.com

DeAngelo was named one of the most influential people and “gatekeeper” of the marijuana industry in 2015 by the International Business Times, and one of the most influential people in the cannabis industry in 2014 by the Cannabis Business Executive.

the cannabis manifesto steve deangelo book


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  1. Try again. – My comment did not apply just to liquor stores, but convenience stores, grocery stores, drug stores, big box stores like Wally World, etc. – everywhere beer is sold.

  2. I replied but it was not allowed to post for some reason. – Moderation here seems to be random and without reason.

  3. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for Portland to change the attitudes of the medical community towards compassion for the sick. I do not know Steve DeAngelo personally but he has been a warrior for the people as far as I can tell. We have a medical facility on the Oregon Coast and the people are making a difference by showing up at council meetings all over Oregon. The Central Oregon Coast has allowed both recreation and medical facilities from Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Waldport and out Hwy 20 outside of Newport. I can only hope the medical community someday be required to quit discriminating based on an OMMP card. With a spokesman like Mr DeAngelo and his staff,attitudes may change. I had only the honor of listening to Mr. Jack Herer in Portland at the Hemp festival. He spoke about how we could feed the world with hemp seed. It is a new day.

  4. You’ve got the right idea on the presidential race, all right. Sanders is the only hope for the people.

    But, my point was that, like all other products, marijuana will not remain just in dispensaries. Every store that sells beer will sell marijuana, and I’m not talking about just liquor stores.

    You’ll be able to buy cannabis from convenience stores, grocery stores, drug stores, Wal-Mart – every place that somehow obtained a license to sell alcohol.

    This is logical since marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol.

  5. Don’t dis all Californians. Most of us are content to just come visit and spend money with local businesses.

    But this is America, folks. We’ve always known the big money would take over the industry. – Willie’s Reserve and Marley Naturals are just the beginning.

    If you want to change the dominance of capitalism, vote for Bernie Sanders! – (Please!)

  6. William R. Jones on

    Didn’t take long for the big bucks to come and take opportunities to do small business. CA not big enough for ’em?

  7. Concerned Oregonian on

    I think we should put an extra heavy tax on out of state companies coming in and trying to get rich on
    our industry. Lets keep the profits in Oregon for Oregonians not let them be extracted out of state!

  8. I don’t want to buy marijuana where people buy beer. Living in the south, hence darthHILLBILLY, the last time I drove by the liquor store I saw no less than 4 trucks with the rebel flag attached and waving in the breeze. As a marijuana consumer, I rarely drink (love a couple cold beers with a steak dinner) and most people from my area that go to the “beer store” are intolerant asses. If marijuana was sold at beer stores, I’d have to find somewhere else to purchase my pot…FEEL THE BERN!!!

  9. Speaking of Harborside, whatever happened to the Melinda Haag pinata (full of joints, hash and edibles) that was supposed to be a party favor on 420 day throughout the country? It needs legs. It would be nice to see that as part of the festivities. The wicked witch of totalitarian greed and biocide. Can we spread that idea around so people incorporate it on 420 day??

  10. It did kind of sound like a promo, didn’t it? 8^) — DeAngelo has done great things. And these dispensaries have been fantastic in this time of great transition.

    But does anyone doubt that marijuana will eventually be sold wherever beer is?

  11. They do carry CBD… which is overhyped for its medical benefits. It does have some medical benefits, but THC does too, and CBD is not as effective as a standalone chemical.

  12. Fat Cats are unavoidable.


    All $10-20/g…and they are untaxed and unregulated vs WA, CO, and soon OR. Currently in OR, $10 is near the most expensive, not the least. And OR $10/g are ins. The avg OR premium g will be $12-14 taxed and significantly regged.

    Their menu lacks CBD..obviously..People want to get high for $. I’ve got more CBD options in the back room then their San Jose dispensary.

    We have many small vendors with better prices with more actual medical options (drugs that don’t really get you high). OR doesn’t “need” these people sucking up more profits.

    As a side note, its pretty retarded for edibles and lotion to cost more than good flower…thats garbage thats easily made on a huge scale while premium tops are not.

  13. Thank you, whoever watches over cannabis, for Steve DeAngelo and Harborside Medical. By far the best example for the rest of the USA and the World. :/), me smoking a joint. LOL

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