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Would You Buy Marijuana If It Were Legal In Your State?


marijuana jarThe Huffington Post recently released a survey that asked a bunch of questions about marijuana consumption. One of the questions that seems to have received the most attention was ‘If marijuana were legal in your state, how often would you buy it?’ Most marijuana media outlets reported that roughly 1 in 4 answered yes, they would buy marijuana if it were legal in their state. However, this statement is a bit misleading. When you look further into the survey, the previously mentioned result came from ‘those who have ever tried marijuana or would consider trying it and live in a state in which marijuana is illegal.’

So it’s not 1 out of every 4 who participated in the survey – it’s out of people that have, or considered, consuming marijuana previously, and live in a state where marijuana is currently illegal (not Colorado or Washington). When you state it that way, it’s kind of surprising that only 1 out of 4 people under those conditions would consider purchasing legal marijuana. It’s even more surprising when you look at the breakdown, where only 4% said they would do it often, 10% sometimes, and 12% rarely. I think if there was a follow up question to the same crowd of participants, ‘would you grow your own marijuana instead of buying it if it was legal to do so in your state’ it would reveal a lot.

I know if I was asked these questions, I would probably end up in the ‘rarely’ purchase category, but ‘often’ growing category. I would like to see a breakdown by participants split between Washington and Colorado, because I’d imagine results would be quite different for both states. In Washington, their legalization model doesn’t allow home cultivation, while Washington does. Obviously more people would be inclined to purchase legal marijuana in Washington than Colorado because they have to.

I hope future surveys throw in questions like ‘if your state adopted the Washington legalization model, how would you answer’ and ‘if your state adopted the Colorado legalization model, how would you answer?’ What is likely to become the ‘Oregon model’ of legalization would result in different answers for sure. People’s marijuana purchasing habits will largely be influenced by what model their state adopts. Habits will also be influenced by the supply history of each state. In a state where marijuana is scarce results will show more people answering yes. In states like Oregon where marijuana is already everywhere and people get it from friends for cheap or free, not as much.

To read the results of this very interesting survey click here.


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  1. 100% I believe alcohol is the devil. Marijuana I’ve been smoking for over 15 years with asthma and will continue it helps with alot of things.

  2. Not unless I developed chronic pain or another medical condition. In that case, I would certainly try marijuana before Celebrex or opioids!

  3. Kevin Russell on

    I live in MA. and we have medical here now. It has been this way for a year now and I have had my card for 11 months. The problem is that their are still no dispensaries open,,,,,and even when they do I am 100% disabled and wont be able to afford it anyway. Hopefully the state will allow me to get a hardship license. From what I understand if you grow and get more than a 60 day supply( 10 oz.) you are supposed to turn the rest in to be destroyed …CRAZY HUH? If that is truly what they want I think they should take it and give it to the people who cant afford their medicine …Why WASTE it? Just sayin….I would rather just grow my own and be left alone….

  4. Emerly Layton on

    Not that I dont already but would make it tons easier if it were and I always will!

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  6. We don’t just want it here. We need it. I think it would help to slow the growing pain management industry and help stop addiction to hard drugs.

  7. While I love a good argument, I’m glad my points were comprehensive. I’m always here if you have questions (don’t like facebook).

  8. John C. Kimbrough on

    Hello Mr. Painkills2. I am not arguing with you my brother. I have read what you have shared with me and us and I have been thinking about it as I have done other things throughout the afternoon. I accept and understand your points. I am on face book also under the same name. There is not need to argue. I thinking that the idea of winning is a subjective one. I never seek or have sought to win. I only seek to learn and grow. You raised a lot of fair points.

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  11. I’ve been thinking about how to handle a response to your post. See, when you describe a cannabis user as excessive or habitual, well, I believe that would describe me. And sure, I have a medical card and a documented long-term pain condition. But that is only because I had jobs with good health insurance and the ability to access medical care, which in turn produced a heck of a lot of documentation. (And a big hole in my wallet.)

    But there are a lot of people who don’t have the luxury of having decades of medical records to support their need for pain management. And they can’t afford to see a lot of doctors or have a lot of tests. Besides which, there is no test for pain. There are just doctors telling you that if you have this condition, then you should have this much pain. We all know it’s not that easy.

    The problems you see with marijuana are not the problems I see. Your points are so general as to possibly apply to so many other things. So your conclusion that the short-term pleasurable states are negated by the problems you see doesn’t really ring true for me. You state that cannabis can create havoc in the areas of diet and sleep, while my experiences and research show the exact opposite. That is, if the opposite of havoc is balance.

    If you are living free of all drugs (caffeine too?) and that makes you feel good, that’s great. I’m guessing that your body and brain chemistry are in balance. A hard state to achieve, no? Perhaps something not easy for a lot of people to find? You know, balance. And wouldn’t this be a better world if more people had balance?

    Now I’ve gone and written and book. It’s not the first time. :)

  12. carvalho Manez on

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  13. What’s sad is the state of Oklahoma. Makes more money off of throwing people in jail. For possession and now the a mouth swab. That’s why I faith that it will ever happen here.

  14. this is exactly why MMJ rights must be protected. We want a product that requires harvest BEFORE maximum potency is reached, Before the plant turns its CBD into THC (and then into CBN)

  15. You’re a dear for putting up with my bitchiness. And let’s raise a bowl (clang) to small beginnings. (I will wait to lament until reality smacks me down, kay? But, please, keep complaining.)

  16. Poke all you must, I`m a big boy. but I do understand intractable pain. A decade ago I was at 240 mg oxycontin/day AND IT WASN`T WORKING! After MMJ recommendation, reduced opiate intake to 40 mg/ twice a day. I am amazed that I-502 passed and doubley amazed the Federalis didn`t intervene. I don`t fight legalization, I only lament what I can readily foresee. Soon the free-wheeling days of MMJ in Wa. St. will be past. If this sacrifice ends in widespread legalization, I will never complain. This is how I will help you, small beginnings.

  17. Ted, the only thing I really wish for is that I don’t die in unbearable pain. That’s the extent of my wish list. So, please, don’t poke at me. In case you don’t know, I usually poke back. :)

    I have been reading up on the different scenarios that legalization may bring. (No one knows for sure, of course.) I’ve seen how prices have fluctuated in different MMJ and legal cannabis markets, and I’ve looked at the different theories that explain these price fluctuations. But all the data and the analysis is incomplete. A lot of it is just guessing.

    I think legalization is the answer, but I totally get where you’re coming from as an MMJ patient. But you are not going to be able to stop the force of change. You know it’s past time for legalization.

    So you paid $100 for an oz? Well, that’s just great, considering that I’m currently paying four times that amount. So how is your fight to stop legalization helping me?

  18. Paid $100 for oz. of Northern Lights last night. grown by medical recipient, bought by med recipient (me). BUT Jan 1, MMRecipients in Wa. St.will see the beginning of the loss of our MM rights, legalization for the masses will result in loss of potent edibles, tinctures, and concentrates, as well as taxation of our Medicine. Do you want legalization now? Beware what you wish for….

  19. My dearest (and only) JJ,
    received your note-many thanks-now–PISS OFF
    Most Sincerely,
    Proof-reading and Editorial Staff




  23. John C. Kimbrough on

    Hello Mr. painkillls2, I would agree with your summarization of my mental state in the past. There is a lot that could be written and said regarding marijuana and it’s use, etc. Two things that I have thought about relating to it and it’s use based on what I experienced with it and have seen among those who did use it habitually are that #1, it’s use can be detrimental to the short and long – term health, happiness and productivity of those who use it excessively and habitually. #2 is that if people wish to get away from it’s regular and habitual use they may face problems with the withdrawal phase. I have seen people who have used pot alone or with beer/alcohol who do have issues regarding both the use of these things and withdrawing from the use of these things. I came to realize 32 years ago that my mind and my life are gifts and I need to take care of them properly in order to have a good life. The short-term pleasurable states that we can experience from using marijuana are in my opinion, negated by others states that may not be so wholesome or positive such as how the use of marijuana can create havoc regarding our diet and eating habits and also sleep habits and quality of sleep. Thanks again for your timely and thoughtful message and insights…….

  24. The medical community gets lots of freebies and kickbacks from the drug producers. Just like supermarkets get payola from food and goods producers for shelf space.

  25. Dennis Gourdeau on

    Suffering Fro , Hiv , Diabetes ,Recent Heart attack , Now , Cancer , . Make it legal ,,,, PLEASE ……….IN FLORIDA ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  26. I can only assume Guest is talking to the one of the owners of this website, Johnny Green.

  27. Typos are part of reading things on the internet — I’m starting to get used to them. And not everyone has time to review copy before posting. Just sayin’.

  28. Thanks for your post. I’m just going to suggest that your brain chemistry may not be a good fit with cannabis, if long-term use made you moody, etc. Or maybe you were depressed, turned to cannabis for a little relief, then didn’t need it anymore. And congratulations for 32 years sober!

  29. John C. Kimbrough on

    The last two hours have been very interesting for me as I have read a great deal about the state of marijuana opinions and attitudes in the US at this time in our history. I have been clean and sober for 32 years. I would never seek out or use marijuana ever again in my life. For myself, well I eventually learned that it was harming me in many ways. Since I got clean I have had a joyful, energized, and focused life. When I was using pot on a daily and regular basis I was moody, had ups and downs, etc. I support the legalization of it throughout the whole of The US. I support access to it by those who need it for medicinal use and recreation pleasure. I do believe that there are dangers in the habitual use of any substance. Whether these dangers apply to all or some of none I can not say.

  30. I wouldn’t buy it from the government, too damn expensive. I like dispensarys, not a shop run buy asshole tax collectors!!

  31. I’ve read it or the history of week and it was crooked from day one !! A lot is wrong with it #conspiracy

  32. The only problem I have with this blog, honestly, is the number of typos I continuously find in the articles. Please edit and proofread before publishing…

  33. weed prices wont be that expensive. Think about it, weed is very easy to grow, meaning not much money spent on the process of growing. The only reason that weed is so expensive now is the risk people are taking. When it becomes legal there wont be any risk for people to grow it, meaning weed prices will drop. I understand you think that taxes will make it much more expensive, but with no risk, they can sell it cheaper and still make the profit. I understand why many people think it will be more expensive, but if anything it will be cheaper, higher quality and all around safer

  34. weed prices wont be that expensive. Think about it, weed is very easy to grow, meaning not much money spent on the process of growing. The only reason that weed is so expensive now is the risk people are taking. When it becomes legal there wont be any risk for people to grow it, meaning weed prices will drop. I understand you think that taxes will make it much more expensive, but with no risk, they can sell it cheaper and still make the profit. I understand why many people think it will be more expensive, but if anything it will be cheaper, higher quality and all around safer

  35. Yes I have Fibro, brain tumor & diabetes you would not want my pain for one day!!!! Make it legal in NY

  36. Gladly, but in my country I only can buy weed sprayed with amtidepresives and other like medications, Rarely can buy something natural 100%.

  37. I’m a disabled veteran and I’m currently taking over 8 different medications a day including oxycodone 4 times a day. So yes if Texas ever becomes legal I would buy. I don’t like smoking but, I would definetly use the edibles.

  38. In the great mistake of Mo. it will never become legal ; We care too much what the churches care about than what the people want

  39. Its diffrent when weed is ok to smoke there going to sell it 300 400 a oz but u can buy it cheaper off the street so no I would not by weed from the state I would get my license to grow and have it on me but I would buy it else where

  40. I am Native American and my medical is FREE! Medical marijuana is the best medicine for my health problems. Unfortunately the medical community will not listen to the patient. I no longer go to the clinic. Marijuana is my first choice…NOT a last resort!

  41. AMEN ! brotha….. In the Bible, it says in Genesis 1:29 that God gave us every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of the earth. I always wanted to sue the Government on that scripture alone. Where do they get off on making something illegal that is God given ? Shame, shame, shame on our sad corrupt government. :(

  42. AMEN !, brotha…and check out the book by ” Jack Herer ” called the ‘ The Emperor Wears No Clothes ‘. It’s out of print now, but U can pull it up on line. I believe it’s in chapter 4 that it explains how that in 1937 a hemp stripping machine was invented. Hemp makes oil. Exxon, Dupont, The Hurst Corp and the presidents nephew all conspired to brain wash the public to believe that smoking marijuana would make you “crazy”, and the newspapers lead them to believe that Hemp and Cannabis were the same thing, so it all was outlawed. People weren’t aware of the fact that Hemp and Cannabis were two completely different plants. So, here we are now days, paying over $4.00 for a gallon of gas when we could be having OIL from a simple WEED ! hmmmmmmm, what’s wrong with this picture people ? :(

  43. absolutely. The fact that it’s illegal has no affect on the availability in any state anywhere.If the Govt was smart, they’d do like alcohol, and gambling..just legalize and take a tax cut off the top..but “smart” and “Govt” aren’t synonymous words.

  44. I would definitely buy if it was legal in BC Canada.
    google for “George Tabuki” in quotations hehe.

  45. You would have thought Illinois would have been one of the first states to legalize bud just so they can tax something else we enjoy.

  46. Legalize it in Texas, everyone would be buying multiple pounds like it was water just to have it…
    You may think Texas doesn’t smoke… you’re wrong, thats why the mexicano cartels provide thousands of their crap weed a day.
    Legalize it, tax it, and billions!

  47. what about the quality, variety and certainty that the dispensaries have over the dealer? I never seen a dealer carry every strain of marijuana at once. I never seen a dealer carry pot brownies and pot sodas. I never seen a dealer sell marijuana that is tested and labelled so I know exactly what Im getting. I dont have to worry about getting shot, robbed, or get adulterated marijuana from the dispensary like I would with a dealer.

  48. I know their would be thousands of lbs being bought if Texas was legalized tomorrow and had the poundage to back it up.
    All they get is schwag from the mex and they bring over thousands of lbs a day to supply them…
    I think it would be the most biggest marijuana use state when it hits recreational use. They will Tax it and make billions…. I think they are legalizing casinos/gambling too, another billion $ industry.. They already have oil.
    If you go to Louisiana at the casinos they all have Texas license plates lol.

  49. i just want to grow one organic outdoor landrace and make all the love in the world with it <3 rejoice god's gifts:)

  50. Me too. I need the CBD. But it’s illegal here and totally legal for the government to inflict or force pain and misery on its people that are sick.
    No side effects. Hello?

  51. The thought of a system where I would no longer be able to grow scares me. I think that like beer or wine , you should be able to produce your own at home as long as a. you stay withing the legally defined limit of plants and dry material weight and b. are not selling your product without proper licensing and quality control. I also feel that a system that did not allow medical users to produce their own cannabis would be defeating the purpose. Many people who choose cannabis Cannot afford any other means of treatment.

  52. I don’t know what I would do if I had the money that would give me the ability to buy pot every day. That’s just something I don’t think about. (shrug)

  53. Jon Miller Kervin on

    it would depend on price. if I can get it cheaper through a dealer then that’s what im doing.

  54. I prefer to question gardeners, known to disapprove of pot, with “If pot were legal in Oregon would you try growing some in your garden?” I’m surprised how often I get affirmative replies.

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