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Would You Purchase Medical Marijuana From A Pharmacy?


pharmacy medical marijuana michiganThe medical marijuana community traditionally has been skeptical of the pharmaceutical industry. After all, many patients are quick to point out the benefits of using medical marijuana versus pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs are often highly addictive, expensive, don’t always work, and can wreak havoc on a patient’s body. Compare that to marijuana, which has virtually no side effects, and is a much safer alternative.

Under Michigan Senate Bill 660, Michigan medical marijuana patients would eventually be able to purchase medical marijuana products from pharmacies. Michigan’s Senate approved the bill Wednesday. The bill would not replace the current system in Michigan – it would operate alongside the current system.

If the Senate bill is eventually passed in the Michigan House and signed by the Governor, it still wouldn’t be implemented until the federal government reclassifies marijuana. Below is more about the Senate Bill via MLive.Com:

Under the proposal, the Michigan Department of Community Health would be tasked with licensing, registering and inspecting specialized marijuana manufacturing facilities. Those wishing to distribute would have to obtain a license from the Michigan Board of Pharmacy, as already required for other controlled substances.

Former state House Speaker Chuck Perricone, now working for Prairie Plant Systems Inc. of Canada, testified in support of the bill during a committee hearing last week. The bio-pharmaceutical company has been Canada’s primary medical marijuana provider for more than a decade and already owns an underground facility in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Would you purchase marijuana from a pharmacy? I personally would prefer homegrown flower over any pharmaceutical product, marijuana or otherwise.


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  1. Actually, I’m a 3rd year pharmacy student and this IS being taught to us in pharmacy school. We have an entire class dedicated to it! I can offer complete counseling on the uses, side effects, pharmacokinetics, and drug interactions. A pharmacist being able to tell patients about its effects and interactions would be extremely helpful!

  2. Some guy that gives a shit on

    This pharmaceutical marijuna is a joke. Every one should google praire plant systems. They plan to mass produce Canadian hemp, and markit it to Michiganders as medical marijuna. I have seen mexican cartel weed that looks better than what this company produces.

    They tell you it’s pharmaceutical grade becouse there meds are safe to consume, and that there pharmaceutical marijuna doesn’t contain any mold. Well they can say that becouse they micro wave it. I BS you not the meds try plan to seek you they micro wave. It’s still moldy, they just killed all the mold spores in the micro wave.

    There a are numerous sources that post pics, and blog about the horrible quality of praie plants systems marijuna. There failed in Canada and now there comeing here to sell there crap for 150 a ounce.

    Find a good CG or Grow your own. Shoot you would be better off buying marihuana in the street from gangmebers. At least you would get better quality product. Seriously, this stuff there peddling is that bad.

    Sorry if I have any grammer mistakes. iPhone and fat thumbs, don’t work well togahter.

    Keep your heads up people, and lets make sure they go belly up.

    Don’t support these snakes, support your local farmer.


  3. The anti-pot folks up on the hill do not understand one major
    thing….there is ALREADY a complete underground network of distribution
    IN PLACE right now for the illegal use of pot. ANY tighter regulations
    like “you must buy from a pharmacy” just simply won’t work. Probably 90%
    of us already know someone we can get it (from the old days!) so we do
    not have to play their games. In comparison I guarantee less than 10% of
    us know where to get illegal moonshine.

    The only thing tighter regulations like this will do is increase the import of pot from Mexico again. Period.

  4. Anthony Neilly on

    The senators that voted for this should be hung. Mike Callton has been trying to get these imbecils to vote on a revised dispensary bill for the last year and still nothing and dispensaries have been deemed illegal by these retarded conservative judges legislating fm the bench and trying to undermine the entire law. They are trying to take the power away fm the people. They don’t like itnwhen the common man can sidestep big business and grow their own and make money fm it. What ajke!

  5. No. As a recently licensed physician (MD) I received zero contact hours on cannabis in 4 years of lecture and hospital rotations. In my subsequent 5 years of residency training, same story. No training. I’ve spoken to several pharmacists with Ph.D. level education and their experience was identical to mine. No training. Aside from an existing bureaucracy to dovetail into, I see absolutely no advantage to anyone outside of Big Pharma, certainly not the patient, to dispensing cannabis from pharmacies.

  6. My hope is everyone responding to the pharmacy question responds with a resounding NO.
    The Republican representative spearheading the re-classification is also a cardiologist…He’s going to be heard. He says…”The premise here (legalization) is that medicinal cannabis is a medicine, yet no regs are in place to monitor the production (growing), no regs to match thc levels specific to the condition being treated, and no proper labeling in place.
    The Republican rep pushing for pharmacy use acknowledges that home growing will still be legal, but did issue this little nugget…”If someone can grow in their basement, theres no need to go to Walmart for a script.” Yes he did, he said the “W” word…
    Ultimately the success of the Pharm presence will require the elimination of the home grower. They want big agri-businesses to produce, thc levels to match conditions so doctors can prescribe without patient involvement, and run it through pharmacies. Then tax the @@#! out of it…Keep an eye on the heartland..
    I believe in regulation, testing, labeling, and taxing. I’m an entrepreneur myself and support all the measures required to legitimize this new and remarkable industry. I desire a strong regulatory and banking system…I just don’t want to see the home growers swept away in the name of progress. It leaves everyone vulnerable. Recreational legalization will solve some potential problems, but these laws are being laid out now…
    I’ll be up and running in this business in a couple months, and the website will have a ‘register to vote’ option. Collectively we can help guide the course…and our strength lies in our voting power…

  7. Actually NO. I would not buy from a big box pharmacy. I would love to see you go to your local big pharmacy and get them to let you look, touch, smell or browse the cannabis selections. Wally world and CVS pharmacy takes a minimum of an hour to process 7 days of antibiotics, thats just 21 pills. They dont have the time or concern for you other than that required by law and regulations. I have family members who are pharmacy techs and have asked them if their store policies would allow a cannabis med patient the ability to see the choices offered, if any. They both have said absolutely not. Just try and get them to let you see samples of your generic and name brand pill meds. Not gonna happen. The med cannabis industry currently allows a level of personal attention that no pharmacy in the world will meet. I want legal cannabis (or medical at the very least) and a specialty store front is the only way to go. I know we are desperate for any source of legal cannabis but some things require a more specialized touch than you can get from our current pharmaceutical pushers.

  8. I have epilepsy and along with it I have 2 types of seizures and this medicine they have me on only does one thing and that’s it gives me the plop plops plus it doesn’t even help to prevent my seizures but when I smoke weed it does help to ease up the number of seizures and it helps lessen the severity of my seizures so fuckin’ a yeah i’d buy weed at a pharmacy

  9. Yes, Of course I would, if I could. I would do it in the street too!, as I roll into the distance on my mobility scooter, far from any groups of people who may be affected by my smoke. Health Canada has approved me, I need a legal source to fill my prescription.

  10. DonnieBrownSkin on

    YES,YES OF COURSE! If made available in Ohio. Establish rules and regulations that will fit community guidelines. #RelaxedRulesAndRegulations #EndTheWarOnDrugs

  11. I’ve read this over and over. The quote doesn’t say much. Am I to assume that the pharmacies, if opting to, will also be allowed to dispense medical marijuana and other cannabis products? Does the quote mean that all dispensaries will be required to get the lic. and will be regulated by the Mich. Board of Pharmacy? Where does the pharmaceutical product come into the picture? Not clear.

    I prefer homegrown, but also use dispensaries for bud and edibles. I also use a local pharmacy (not corporate) I can walk to, and if it had the same quality of weed as the other dispensaries, sure I’d utilize that option.

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