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Would You Support Medical Marijuana If It Involved A Monopoly?


illinois medical marijuana medponics monopoly hb 30Patients Suffer When The Marijuana Industry Is Controlled By A Handful Of People

The marijuana industry has always been a cottage industry. That is a factor that is no doubt evolving as marijuana enters the mainstream, both medical and recreational. Corporate America wants in on the action. How do TWB readers feel about that?

I have always had mixed feelings about huge infusions of capital and resources into the marijuana industry that would come with corporations. If large companies entered into the marijuana industry, the marketing and presence that would come with it would promote marijuana reform to people that have long been against it. On the other hand, I’m not a big fan of corporate practices, and to taint the marijuana industry with more greed and corruption doesn’t sound desirable.

Earlier this week I posted an article talking about a delay in Illinois on a vote for HB 30, which would allow medical marijuana in Illinois. According to reports out of Illinois, that delay might be because of business interests. Apparently, a company called ‘Medponics’ is trying to get a monopoly on the medical marijuana production should HB 30 pass. That has at least one activists up in arms.

“I understand they’re asking for essentially a monopoly over the grow,” Loop Lawyer Eric Berlin said according to MyFoxChicago.Com. “Monopolies lead to higher prices, fewer choices and worse products.”

I don’t personally like the idea of anyone having the monopoly on medical marijuana production, no matter how stellar of a grower they are or what the circumstances are. An open, competitive market results in lower prices, more innovation, greater selection, and ultimately more safe access. There were a lot of growing pains (literally and figuratively) in every medical marijuana state as they were getting going. I know Oregon definitely did. Also, giving the monopoly on grows to one group or a handful of groups makes federal targeting so much easier, which in the end results in lost profit for the greedy profiteers, and no medicine for the people that desperately need it – a lose, lose scenario.

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  1. Would not support government production! See NJ

    anytime the public serpents get involved we end up with blocks of cheese!

    Mansanto has infiltrated the cannabis industry See MIRACLEGROW

    The government should get involved by releasing all cannabis prisoners

    And de-scheduling Cannabis!

    As for revenue , why let them pilfer cannabis proceeds , they already proved they cant budget a checkbook!

  2. Johnny Bloomington on

    Im not a big fan of med marijuana. Your sick so here’s some weed and your fine so go to jail, BS!

  3. Burlwood Barry on

    Marijuana should be legal and free for all. Keep money out of the equation, because money can turn a good thing bad, always.

  4. It is Illinois. It is how things are done around here. Given the current state of things in the US it is not too bad. One can only hope that another company with fatter envelopes comes in to break the monopoly. In the mean time there is Colorado. Right now another State in the med pot column is a good thing. Even if the legislature has to be bought to do it.

  5. badweather crow on

    No doubt, I’ve paid the price, 6 years in prison for growing cannabis and after all the years of hard work to have a few corporations virtually steal my business and imprison me and marginalize the ones who knew all along that marijuana was medicine really seriously violates my rights.

    Weed growers and sellers are still the real original freedom fighters here. Keep the personal grow clauses or it doesn’t really solve anything for anyone not even medical users.

    The state is proving itself completely without legitimacy in how it deals with the legalization of cannabis.

  6. as someone who has lived his life deep in the green underground since 1982. Personally it sickens me while patients suffer profiteers wait in the wings with stuffed envelopes to buy votes…

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