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Would You Use A Marijuana Inhaler?


mystabis marijuana cannabis inhalerThere are new products being invented and introduced to the marijuana industry on a daily basis. A lot of those inventions are just spins on old ones, usually involving vape pens, extraction equipment, and grow equipment. A lot of those inventions are not well received with consumers because there are so many similar products out there. But every once in awhile there are inventions that raise eyebrows. One of those, for me, came this week when I heard about a cannabis inhaler.

I have heard of people working on cannabis inhaler inventions for awhile, but this is the first one I have heard of that is ready for the market (feel free to mention others in the comments if they exist). Yahoo Finance reported this week that a Canadian company called Aurora Cannabis Inc. has filed for the rights to distribute an inhaler called Mystabis. Per the article:

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (“Aurora” or the “Company”) (CSE:ACB)(ACBFF)(21P.F)(WKN:A1C4WM) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a letter of intent (“LOI”) for exclusive distribution rights to Mystabis, a revolutionary inhaler that provides pressurized metered doses of cannabis.

The terms of the arrangement allow Aurora sole Canadian distribution of the device. The ability to administer metered doses is something that both patients and the medical community have been waiting for eagerly. Without the use of any form of heat or combustion, this pressurized inhaler (“pMDI”) delivers exact quantities of cannabinoids in a manner that provides rapid medicinal effects while preserving the entourage effects of the cannabinoids and terpenoids. Physicians will find the delivery mechanism to be very familiar and will appreciate the precision controlled per dose delivery of both the THC and CBD dominant formulations.

I would be curious to know what goes into the product, meaning is it actual plant material that has been formed into some type of spray? Does it involve synthetic cannabinoids? Is this just basically a glorified vape pen that looks like an inhaler? As you can see, as a consumer, I have a lot of questions. But I would say that people like my grandma would be more inclined to try cannabis via an inhaler than she would via other methods, for what that’s worth. Of course, I would have to know more before I’d ever show anyone and recommend the inhaler! What do TWB readers think?


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  1. Chandra Sill on

    I wish they had it in az. Where can I buy Mmj inhaler? I couldn’t find any place that has it,in Arizona. Please help me find it. Thank You. It is possible to order it?

  2. Andre Da Vion Tate on

    There is another True pMDI that a company in Southern California created 4 years ago. But have been keeping off the market because of FDA regulations called Melange…Youtube.com Melange Worlds 1st. Cannabis Inhaler.. The trial results from people have been super positive. They are rumored to be releasing this summer but not in California?

  3. Any budtenders out there to help? Please verify the following “facts” I have been able to find while using the Mystabis 50 dose inhaler. 1) 50 dose MDI can vary at retail in Norcal from $50-$70 (and perhaps higher). Each dose delivers 3.5 mg of medicinal THC.
    2) I believe I caught in an ad copy that the 100 and 200 deliver 6mg/blast at $100 and $ 200 respectively, thereby making the larger two a far better buy. I have not found the ad or been able to get out to my local collective to confirm. Any help is appreciated. This little girl is super stealthy and convenient, I like the more sativa leaning high though my back pain is totally relaxed so it probably is a hybrid. Munchies are unavoidable and come on quick. My tolerance level keeps growing so I’m regularly using 6 doses per hour with the only negative initially being constant GI upset. So stay hydrated my friends!

  4. Seconded Warrior! Love the stealth of an MDI, especially on BART or ATT Park, something I’d flash neon if I pulled out my Magic Flight Box or even my Kandy Pen (both 5-star vapers imho). But a chilled bong that condenses and combusts the “whole plant” cannot be replicated; the high, the experience, and the continuing woven thread of culture and history carries on.

  5. Im all for it,I havent smoked in years,But ive been vaping with vapolution for last few years,I’d use in a second if it does what it says it does

  6. darthhillbilly on

    I love the discretion, but it would never be my “main thing”. I could definitely find room in my medicine chest for it. I enjoy cannabis in all of it’s forms, and could never rule out an effective delivery method.

  7. I have one of these and love it. Not 100% sure what is in it, but it must be some sort of decarbed concentrate. (There’s no heating involved, so it’s not a vaporizer.) It works just like an asthma inhaler and sprays into your lungs. There’s 5 mg of THC per puff and 200 puffs per inhaler. While I prefer smoking, the inhaler is great for places where you need to be discreet–airplanes, concerts, etc…

  8. Closet Warrior on

    I personally think it’s a great idea, however, they’re are going to be naysayers that will list this along side of confusing-to-read edibles. ie dumb consumers and uneducated non-consumers may get this mixed up w/their kids inhaler and your bummed, meanwhile Jonny’s at school flyin high as a kite. I love all forms of the Sweet Leaf but from dabs to edibles but a killer nug in a glass bong w/some ice cubes in it-well, it just doesn’t get any better for me.

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