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Wyoming Residents Support Medical Marijuana, But Not Recreational Marijuana


wyoming marijuana legalizationWhen it comes to marijuana reform, Wyoming is likely the last state that you think of. After all, Wyoming is the home state of Dick Cheney. That’s why I was shocked when I read an article not too long ago that named Wyoming as one of the likely states to legalize recreational marijuana next. A poll came out earlier this month that asked residents of Wyoming how they felt about marijuana reform. Recreational marijuana didn’t poll well at all (as expected), however, there was overwhelming support for medical marijuana. Per the University of Wyoming:

Thirty-five percent of survey respondents supported personal use of marijuana by adults and 60 percent opposed. At the same time, 72 percent of Wyoming residents support adult use of marijuana if prescribed by a physician, while only 25 percent oppose.

“We’ve seen referenda concerning personal marijuana use pass in Colorado, Washington state and elsewhere in recent years,” says Jim King, UW professor of political science and a co-director of the survey. “It appears that a similar movement in Wyoming would be unsuccessful.”

Survey responses concerning personal marijuana show a modest increase supporting personal marijuana use and consistency on the issue of medical marijuana use, King says.

“Our 2000 poll showed 23 percent approving legalization of marijuana in general, so, there has been a bit of a shift in public opinion on this aspect of the marijuana debate,” he says. “On the other hand, the 2000 and 2014 surveys have the same proportion of Wyoming residents, 72 percent, accepting medical marijuana use.”

With this level of support for medical marijuana, I hope someone champions the cause and leads the charge in Wyoming. And when I say medical marijuana, I mean a real medical marijuana program. One that allows more than just CBD, and one that provides for home cultivation and dispensaries. I’d imagine a lot of Wyoming residents are crossing the border into Colorado to get their meds, which is risky. Hopefully Wyoming patients get safe access sooner than later.


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  1. ya, that is unless your child is dying and having over 100 seizures a day and their is a drug out their that is natural and can heal him…

  2. What people don’t realize it’s all medical….can’t sleep no problem
    with marijuana help. Anxious, stressed marijuana to the rescue.
    Migraine…marijuana helps…no idea what to do with your dirty
    house…use Sativa strain and clean it up in no time and not hate doing
    it. It’s just a plant you have been mislead about not a big bad boogy
    man. I bet Wyoming likes their alcohol but when it comes to the green
    healthful plant they are afraid…wow…I cannot figure that out!
    Marijuana no deaths ever…alcohol thousands upon thousands
    yearly…Google it Wyoming!

  3. What you actually said:

    Normalizing US Cuba relations after 50 year’s today was more important than rescheduling cannabis

    Cannabis cures cancer. 586,000 die every year from cancer. That is roughly 3 million so far in his term. How much higher does it need to go to be mass murder?

    You don’t like what I say because it makes your favorite look bad? Well they are ALL bad since Ford at least when research first turned up the evidence.

    And your making excuses makes you complicit in mass murder. It is not that you don’t know. You would prefer not looking. And that is why the murdering continues. Lots of people in Germany like that in the 30s and 40s.

    Cancer is one of the reasons I oppose taxing cannabis. It should be as cheap as possible so even the poorest of the poor can afford a cure for what ever ails them.

  4. United States funded research facilities are banned from cannabis medical research unless the purpose is to bolster negative anti-cannabis views. Israel leads the world in scientific cannabis research on a large scale. Even when cannabis rescheduling does occur in America researcher’s here will be light years behind in proving cannabis’ positive scientific benefit.

  5. I’m just saying yesterday’s normalization of relations with Cuba, following over 50 years of an economic embargo was important. And while you’re entitled to your own beliefs. Your claim that the President is somehow complicit in ‘mass murder’ because he hasn’t rescheduled cannabis is one I cannot support.

  6. So what you are saying is that Cuba is more important than one death a minute, sixty deaths an hour, 1,440 deaths a day, 586,000 deaths a year. You have no problem with Obama mass murdering to accomplish his policies. OK. There are LOTS of Republicans who have done the same.

    IMO nothing is more important than stopping the murders. And think of all the lives he could save by changing world opinion with the results of the research. Bur Cuba is more important. And people wonder why I hate the left AND the right.

  7. And that’s a shame because the Bighorn, Medicine bow, and Wind River range’s are some of Earths Grand master works of beauty.

  8. Well he could reschedule based on science. There is plenty of it. And he need only drop it one level for the human research to start. BTW the numbers for medical even among those louts is on the order of 55%. Your 27% number is for recreational.

    He could also get up on his bloody pulpit and say “Research shows that it is a possible cure for some cancers and maybe all cancers. I want that research to go forward.”

    That would set those idiots back. BTW the Ds made a huge mistake with ACA. But even that could be redeemed with: “I think cannabinoid medicine if fully exploited could save the nation $1 trillion a year in medical expenses. I’d like the research to start in my term in office.” You know – hit them in their strong point.

    And, “Anecdotal evidence shows that cannabis is one of the most effective drugs for PTSD. Our warriors deserve to have that investigated.”

    I can think of any number of ways he could get the ball rolling playing to the other side’s strength. So why doesn’t he?

  9. Today, the President re-opened diplomatic relations with Cuba after 50 years. Are you saying the President is complicit in mass murder because he has yet to reschedule cannabis? Please, illuminate us as to which path he should move forward in rescheduling cannabis fast enough to satisfy you? Keep in mind that he’s already being threatened with Legislative lawsuits and impeachment by the US House, for simply using his Constitutionally granted Executive Order Authority. It’s not President Obama’s fault only one third of American voters cast their ballots in the November election, handing total legislative majority control over to those whom polls consistently show only 27% of whom support state medical marijuana laws, giving them their biggest victory since 1947.

  10. Question for those that support only decriminalization: How can rec users have consumer protection when they are forced to buy from the black market? Does the black market provide consumer protection? The survey in Wyoming is actually very depressing when barely a third actually support rec use. With that kind of thinking I won’t be going to Wyoming anytime soon with those kinds of anti-rec attitudes.

  11. The legalization of marijuana will REDUCE the NET HARM caused by all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, significantly (no one knows how much, exactly, but the potential is to save nearly a million American lives annually). Legalizing it should be a no-brainer.

  12. MMJ polls well everywhere. Which makes you want to ask: Why hasn’t the President rescheduled?


    Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

    Pass it on.

  13. I think The People of Wyoming are freedom-minded. Once they get used to MM, and once they see what a good thing legalization is for other states, they’ll come around to the recreational kind… By almost every measure, it’s a big improvement over alcohol.

  14. Depends on now the question is asked and do the folks understand the issues on both sides ….. I believe with just s little education and some numbers showing the benefits of legal weed the percent would change …..

    Medical is a good start and the numbers are high, let’s get that done, now!

  15. Medical legalization is fine. It is another great step toward ending prohibition. Sometimes it is all we can ask of our fellow citizens: to have a sensible outlook on medicine that can, and does, help the financially destitute or those that have no wish to suffer side effects of man made medications.
    Another win in the west would be worth the time, if organizations have the time and resources.

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