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Yale MBA Grad Starts Marijuana Industry Private Equity Fund


Brendan Kennedy, a graduate of the Yale School of Management who is the chief executive officer of Privateer Holdings, talks about his private equity fund investing in marijuana-related businesses. He spoke with Bloomberg’s Britton Staniar and Peter Robison on Dec. 4 in Seattle.


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  1. Your so full of s*%t Kennedy, to actually attempt to persuade anyone that your “fundamental thesis” is that prohibition is wrong is to suggest that we are all a bunch of retarded potheads. As an Ivy league grad, you most certainly are a conservative republican who never thought pot should be legalized, you can’t truly believe your own dribble. Quit using minorities and blacks as your crutch, you couldn’t care less about this portion of society and you know it. Your going to use them to get your other ivy league pals rich you hypocrite jackass.

  2. ugh! “credibility”. i hated how that ended. people (the “majority”) will only listen to people with at least a degree and that peice of paper saying they know more than a person who may actually know more about their given industry that does not have a degree

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