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‘Yes On Issue 5’ New Campaign Ad To Support Medical Marijuana In Arkansas


Arkansans For Compassionate Care Release New Campaign Video To Support Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act

I saw the following message come across Twitter:

“Our new commercial. Please vote YES on Issue 5, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act!”

Below is the video, consider making a donation to the Arkansas for Compassionate Care campaign today:


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  1. I am very happy that of amendment 64 passes there will be jobs for all of you who are pot experts. God has not forgotten you. United we stand dived we fall.

  2. We the People have the power to change things. We have the right, to make decisions for our lives. Perhaps if we can wipe the dust of stereo type off of ourselves and rise to lead healthy productive lives.

  3. The health care industry,along with Insurance,have a synthetic drug(marinol) they sell everyday with a physicians prescriptions.It is a chemical substitute for the natural plant,it is expensive much stronger and has many side effects.My,husband had stage 4 inoperable cancer.He had 6 mo. of chemotherapy,35 radiation treatments.We went to M.D.Anderson cancer hospital in Houston,Tx.He had at least 10 prescriptions including injections.One physician in Houston off the record he said if you were my Dad I would have you try some marijuana tea.We did just that and it worked for him.Money is a major factor the drug co.know it works and they want you to buy theirs.The real plant is natural,safe and cheap or you can grow it in your garden.I hope you never experience having to see your loved one fading away at deaths door.If you do I believe you will pray and provide any and all measures of comfort possible,just as I did.This is a plant not skull and crossbones and providing this for my husband,I should have never feared criminal chargers and arrest.He used this as medicine during his cancer treatment.He doesn’t use marijuana today or any other prescriptions ,liquor or narcotics.Please vote yes,hopefully you will never need this but if you do,you will not have to be involved or subjected to the criminal elements.We have heard alot about not wanting government running our healthcare.The physician and the patient should make decisions as to the treatment best for you the government p

  4. Please,do not deny sick people access to a natural herb,that works for them when other medicines have failed.Some of the commonly used opioids and anti nausea medicines have some serious side effects for some patients.This is an option doctors and patients should have.Just as all other medicines this will not be successful for everyone,but should be up to the physician and the patient.Please just google this and you will see how long this has been an important ingredient in ancient medicine.with no serious side effects.No one has ever overdosed on marijuana.The opposition is fear of the taboo and stigma attached and like of most people good scientific knowledge.

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