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Young People Know Marijuana Is Less Harmful Than Alcohol


marijuana alcohol accidents drivingMarijuana opponents use children as a pawns in the game to keep marijuana prohibition in place. When asked why marijuana should remain illegal, people like Kevin Sabet almost always offer up the excuse that marijuana legalization will result in more young people consuming marijuana. The fact is, Colorado has seen a decrease in youth consumption of marijuana since marijuana was legalized there. That is a fact that Kevin Sabet seems to forget. Black market marijuana dealers don’t ask for ID, and marijuana is much more available in an unregulated system compared to a regulated one.

Marijuana is safer than alcohol, that fact is undeniable. Even Barack Obama has admitted as such. A poll was recently conducted that found out that young Americans are fully aware of this. Per Fire Dog Lake:

Young people think marijuana does much less harm to society than alcohol or tobacco. According to a Rare poll of adults 40 and younger, 47 percent believe alcohol does more harm to society, 27 percent think tobacco does, and only 13 percent picked marijuana as the most harmful of the three.

In addition, very young adults are the more likely they are to see alcohol as more harmful than weed. Among adults age 36-40 the ratio was only 33 percent to 24 percent, but among those under the age of 30 the ratio was an incredible 52 percent to 9 percent.

If people like Kevin Sabet wanted to protect America’s youth, then he would support marijuana regulation. Instead, he prefers to keep prohibition in place which increases access of marijuana to youth and makes it to where they are able to buy it on the black market without any regulations. Marijuana is safer than alcohol. Marijuana laws should reflect that fact.


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  1. The only reason you people want to legalize pot is for the high, there is nothing good that comes from pot being legal to the public.

  2. Being that I have 3 children ages 27, 25, 15 I can tell you one thing mr. Sabot is a fool. If he thinks that kids won’t do anything against there parents wishes. I believe my kids are no different than me. I was drinking and smoking since I was 15. I also started having sex then. I know my oldest daughter was drinking at least when she was 17 she is not a smoker of anything.she got A’s in school has a good job and has a good husband. I’m happy for her. My middle daughter told me she started drinking at 15 smoking at 15 cigs. She tried weed at 17 and has smoked it once in a while. She got A’s and B’s in school she has a good job, she has a good boyfreiend who is so very helpful to us and is a great guy. I am happy for her. My son is 15i don’t think he ha drank yet. He doesn’t like the smell of cigs. Pot I don’t think so not yet. But ii would be surprised if he didn’t start by next summer. I do not voice my option of marijuana on him I feel he should make up his own mind.he gets B,s and C’s. The point is I would rather he got marijuana from a store than a dealer on the black market that could rip him off or worse. But kids will do what kids want to do.

  3. Kevin Sabet is just like a christian he has no idea what a fact is and is only in touch with his delusions.

  4. The criminal elite ie. politicians, huge corporations, law enforcement, have completely lost control of this new cyber-society that has taken the world by storm overnight. And they NEVER saw it coming! The old ways of doing business “behind closed doors” catering only to the big-money owners of this country are dead and gone. These bastards can’t keep their hidden agendas that favor only the few at the expense of all others a secret anymore. There are no secrets anymore; A concept that scares the crap out of these technologically illiterate geezers!
    However, they are scrambling around right now trying to figure out how they can worm their way into the HUGE profit potential of MJ and industrial hemp legalization while making themselves look like the “good guys” who have been fighting for it all along. Believe me, as soon as they get all their ducks in a row and learn how to hijack the MJ industry for their own gain, they will legalize pot and hemp so fast your eyes will wiggle! But they’re going to try to take even more of your freedoms away with it so that we might long for the days when MJ was still underground. We need to keep our eye on these selfish evil c-suckers because its all about them and their money and never about the good of the people.

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