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‘Young Republicans Yearbook’ By The Marijuana Policy Project


This “Young Republican Yearbook” produced by the Marijuana Policy Project highlights a number of prominent conservatives who have used marijuana at some point during their lives. Our goal is not to embarrass them – rather, we want to address some of the stereotypes out their surrounding marijuana consumers. About half of the American population has used marijuana at some point during their lives, so clearly it is something that spans the political and ideological spectrums. Marijuana is an objectively less harmful substance than alcohol, and there is no reason for an adult who has chosen to use it responsibly to be embarrassed by their decision. Donate to the Marijuana Policy Project so that they can make more videos like this in the future.


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Johnny Green


  1. Great video! We’ve GOT to get past the stigma that cannabis users are nothing more than BUMS. That’s BULLSHIT and we’ve got to continue to show the public videos such as this. We’re on a ROLL right now and we CAN BEAT THAT IMAGE!

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