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Zero Problems With Marijuana Candy On Halloween


butterscotch marijuana candy recipeOn of the biggest scare tactics used in recent times by marijuana opponents was the ‘laced Halloween candy’ scare of 2014. Marijuana opponents made it sound like on every block there would be someone handing out marijuana candy to children on Halloween 2014. Obviously, that fear mongering was a political ploy to try to scare America into fearing marijuana reform, especially in areas that were voting on legalization. Fortunately, that tactic failed, and Alaska, Oregon, and D.C. all approved marijuana legalization on Election Day 2014.

Denver area authorities received not even one complaint about marijuana candy being given to children on Halloween. Not one. Which should not come as any surprise to anyone with a brain. Per the Yakima Herald:

Denver-area authorities said Monday they received no reports of children accidentally eating pot-laced candies this Halloween. Police had warned parents to be on the lookout for the edibles, which can look almost identical to brand-name treats.

Denver Police and the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center reported no cases of people slipping marijuana to unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Marijuana candy is not cheap if bought from a store, and is not easy to make at home. People that obtain marijuana candy intend to eat it themselves, not give it to a kid on Halloween. The fact that marijuana opponents would even suggest that one person would do it, let alone make it sound like an imminent epidemic, shows just how desperate they are these days.


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  1. Let them continue to prove themselves stupid.

    The public knows better, at least the vast majority of them do so stunts like this just convince the public that the haters are off their rockers.

    What will the haters hate when it goes legal worldwide?

    What will they hate when there is nothing left to hate?

    In the next few years(now that real studies can be done legally) all the myths will be exposed as false by ACCREDITED Hospitals, Universites and scientist worldwide and ABSOLUTE acceptance by the medical profession.

    Guess they will have to start hating Vicodin or Oxycontin, the real gateway drugs.

    Sounds like the pot hating business is going to be short lived when replaced with facts.

  2. RON ! NOW you’ve done it ! Don’t give Patrick Kennedy, Kevin Sabet or Josh Marquis any ideas for NEXT year !

  3. I’m surprised the antis didn’t pass along edibles as trick or treat themselves and then blame it on the perils of legalization. That would be about the dirtiest of dirty tricks.

  4. The Anti A-Holes use every dirty trick and propaganda ploy in their evil books. Too bad there is not really a Hell because that would be a nice place for them to reside. :D

  5. Gerhard Balthasar on

    So has anyone warned about Vicodin given to children because it looks like Tic Tac? Anyone complained about alcoholic edibles like pralines? And by the way: One of the greatest threads to children is suger according to WHO and most of the moralists… Think about it: There was a successful referendum about a sin tax on suger drinks. And then it’s given out to the children on purpose because it’s helloween? That’s hypocrisies at its best :)

  6. SmartColorado.org put up several billboards around Denver with the words, “Can You Spot The Pot?” and images of various candies, followed by, “Marijuana Candy. Trick or Treat?” in scary lettering. One of these was right in the middle of the infamous “Broadsterdam” area of south Broadway, where state-licensed marijuana stores line the street for several blocks.

  7. Most people are not crazy, least of all potheads. We should expect very little weed-laced candy to be given to children on Halloween. That’s not to say it never will happen, but if it ever does, we can rest assured, it will not do any significant or permanent harm. That is to say p, it’s not something we need to worry about much.

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